Exterior painting and temps

mary_md7December 3, 2010

We need to paint exterior shutters and can't wait til spring. What are the temperature restrictions for doing so? Can we paint outdoors in cold weather or do we need to remove the shutters and bring them inside (there are only 3 pairs involved)?

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Read the recommendations on the can. Oil paints can be used in cold weather, but you do not really want to use oil paint on exterior shutters. Most latex/acrylic paints can be used when the temps are above 50 degrees, but you really want to finish painting early in the day before the temps dip below that when night comes. There are also low temp paints available that can be used down to 35 degrees, but really if I had the option to take them off and bring them inside, I would do that. Painting in cold weather is not ideal and I think should be avoided if possible.

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While most of the exterior paint tins would mention above 50� F as the ideal temperature, there is more to this. A good surface preparation with temperature fluctuation from 60� F to 85� F is realistic. A relative humidity of around 40% to 60% during application and two weeks after that, is a necessity for the paint to have a good life. Additionally, having an early morning start and closing the painting activity 2 hours before sunset is best. Also, check the label of the exterior paint that you wish to use. There are new exterior paints made for application during extreme weather conditions as well.

Here is a link that might be useful: Exterior Paint

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