odd flesh on cat below rectum

luvdogsJanuary 28, 2011


I adopted an obese cat from the local shelter. I noticed that she was having some trouble keeping herself clean so i was rinsing off her back end.

Right underneath her rectum is what looks like labia flesh - two identical rounded flap-like pieces. Below the rectum and above the urinary orifice.

Any ideas?

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OP here.

After looking on the web, i think it's anal glands.

Thank God for the internet!!

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OP updating this post- as if anyone cares - LOL

The vet said the fleshy pieces are nothing - just a bit of an oddity i guess. Not anal glands - too far below the anal positioning of the glands.

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Yes, I was following it, wondering where you went from that conclusion, since if it were prolapsed glands, I'd think it would not be good to leave them exposed. I've never seen or heard of this oddity. Can always learn something. Thanks for the update.

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Thanks for letting us know, and thanks for adopting a shelter cat -- she's a lucky girl!

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My female cat has visually noticeable "parts" there too.

Good idea to ask the vet. We once had a dog that got an infection down there so it's just best to make sure she's a little different and not having some kind of issue.

I hope your new kitty is turning out to be a wonderful companion.

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