Anyone bought a new dishwasher lately?

dbfirewifeMarch 14, 2013

Has anyone here bought a new dishwasher lately that you are happy with, that didn't cost two arms and a leg?... I know.. some will say post this on the appliance or kitchen board.... well I have looked on those boards and whew!... some of those gals don't think anything about dropping way over 1000.00 on one. I just cannot do that right now. My GE of 12 years old is one the fritz... I have to bang the holy ned out of the panel to get it to come on and it's not cleaning as well... so it's just time for a new one. I am going to go to Home Depot and have looked at all their products online. There are a lot of reviews but they are all so mixed... some people love and others yet hate the same one. I have to say I am having some sticker shock at the moment too, man they have really gone up in price! I don't want or need anything with fancy cycles. I do like a pots and pans cycle, not that I wash pots and pans it it, but that cycle is longer so I like that idea. I always scrape and rinse my stuff off because I don't run it every day, If I am going to run it right after a meal I just scrape stuff off and load, let the dishwasher do it's job. I am going to have my son help me take the old one out so we can add some insulation to the inside of the cabinet to help make it quieter. Then add some extra to the outside of the new dishwasher before it is installed, so I don't want to spend a fortune buying a "quiet" one...because from what I have read they just have extra insulation on the outside of them to make them quieter. I don't want a total stainless steel, I do not want to deal with finger prints on the handle etc... I want that part black...Anyone have any suggestions?

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We got a new one several months ago also had to get a new oven/microwave unit. We went with Kitchen Aid. I love all of them! Esp the DW it is quiet and our other one was so noisy, we only ran it after we went to bed. I did not see the bill for them, but I do think they may have been pricey, we are redoing the kitchen. I picked out Whirlpool or the KA, DH went with the KA~~~I do have to say again~I love all of what we got~~they look nice also.

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I got a Whirlpool at HH Gregg a while back and have been relatively happy with it. It was in the $600 range - but got it on sale and they price matched without any hesitation, so got a better deal in the end.

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Just today, Amber was looking on line for the best rated ones. Cheryl and I have Maytags and Amber had a Whirlpool and a not too old of one, but they had a power surge or something and it no longer works. I never rinse my dishes and like the long cycle too for a lot of things. I like using the sanitizing cycle. I do not use the heated dry, but nice to have if you want it. Amber liked her Whirlpool when it was working. I didn't really care for the silverware holder in the door, but she said she got used to it.


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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

I loved my KitchenAid dishwashers, I had just bought a brand new one when we ended up selling our house, that happened to me twice! The one here looks very much like my KitchenAid but it is a Kenmore and it is terrible, I rarely use it because the dishes seem to come out dirtier than they went in, and I prewash them, I have never had such a terrible dishwasher. I keep watching Lowes hoping they put a KitchenAid on the clearance aisle. That is how I got my last one it was the last of the years model and they were getting rid of the display to put in the new year model. Was about half price. That is where you can really get a good deal or go to the scratched and dent warehouses for the stores.
I had a Frigidaire at one time that was not good and would not get another one.
You really can't go wrong with a good quality KitchenAid.

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I have a whirlpool, (around 500.00) and I like it a lot. In our last house, we had Frigidaire, and I would never, buy that brand again. The silverware wrack in the Whirlpool, can be removed from inside the door, and put on the left hand side of the lower rack. Others that have a dw similar to mine, prefer it there, and I have had mine there, but, I do prefer it on the door. Mine came from Lowes, and will turn 4 yrs old next month.

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When I replaced my stove and fridge last year, I had my son ask his friend who does appliance repair and she recommended Whirlpool or HG. I went with Whirlpool and love them. When I need to replace my dishwasher, I will probably get a Whirlpool. She said not to rinse the dishes before you put them in because the detergent needs some food to work on and it can pit dishes if they are pre-rinsed all the time. If you dishes are not getting clean, you can clean the filter at the bottom.

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I just bought one and love love love it....I had a builders model and this one is so much nicer...I bought it on sale and then I signed up for ebates and got I think another savings because I went through the ebates site ...I think it was like $43 that I got...and it is amazingly of the comments on the Sears page was it was noisy...How that is possible is beyond me...Honestly you have to listen to hear it...

If you haven't joined ebates and started shopping from their site, now is the perfect will save lots of money...

Here is the ebates sight ...check it out...

Here is a link that might be useful: my dishwasher..

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I bought my Frigidaire last May and I love it. I got some very good advice here before I bought. The best was to check the decibel level. Anything .50 or below is very quiet. Our old one was so loud you couldn't hear the TV. This one we have to check to make sure it's running. So you may not need any extra insulation. The new DW's are so much better.

Also make sure it's energy efficient. It's amazing how little it costs to run a DW these days.

You can check them out on line before you shop. Also ask if they have any scratched models. Don't know if I'd trust a dented one, unless it was a tiny ding. Sometimes HD has them and sell them cheaper.

Have fun shopping!!

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We've bought four in the last five years. (We've owned three different houses during that time.) We buy them based on how quiet they are. The electronics panel of a GE Profile went bad about 1.5 years. According to everyone I've talked to that was just a fluke. Normally they last longer than that. My current dishwasher is a KitchenAid. I've had it less than two years. One of the rollers on the top rack is broken and I probably need a $5 part. I don't think I'd buy it again just for that reason.

One thing we have noticed with the newer dishwashers is they take forever to wash because of the energy saving features. They are quiet if you buy the right ones. It is possible to be standing at the dishwasher and have a pleasant conversation with the person next to you.

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I have a Whirlpool and love it. It is 5 years old. I would buy one again. I use it mostly every other day.

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No, not really.

Stuck with the same old rather unenthusiastic pair that hang just below my wrists, that try to avoid getting busy anything like what one might consider often.

I get the feeling that they're somewhat allergic to dishcloths. And, possibly, soap?

They don't complain much about hot water, especially in winter.

ole joyful

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That's cute, OJ. :) Too much hand washing of dishes over the years left me with ultra-dry skin. It's a pair o' gloves for me every time. As for a dishwasher, I have a lowest-end Miele and like it fine. Since we have hard water and there are no phosphates in the detergents and no water softener in my machine, I use a kind of citric acid along with the soap and solved my residue problem.

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we've had a new one for about a year, and i HATE it! if i'd spent that extra hundred bucks more, i could have had a decent one with soft food disposal ( i have to rinse everything). this one take forever to wash, i'm using 2x more water...

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Susan, I love to know the brand of dishwasher you hate. Might be good information to have.

Seems several people have mentioned Whirlpool, and as someone else did here, I asked an appliance repair man last week this same question and he gave the same answer as the one above: without hesitation he said Whirlpool.

I'm in the market for one soon as I hold my breath every time I use my ancient Hotpoint, which isn't often. Maybe that's why it's lasted so long.

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We recently purchased the Frigidaire Gallery dishwasher, and are very satisfied. Not as nice as my previous Fisher & Paykel, but half the price and very nice.

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I was warned against Frigidaire when I was in the market for one a couple of years ago. Unfortunately, I went against that advice and bought one (even the salesperson said that Frigidaire's weren't highly rated but that the one I got was one of the "better" Frigidaires in the store). But - I regretted it almost immediately and it's proven itself to be a total piece of you-know-what.

I will never, ever buy another Frigidaire. Ever.

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There is always Consumer Reports to consult. If you don't have a subscription, they are available at the public library.

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Bought our first Whirlpool when we moved in here in 1975. I'm on the second one now and (knock wood) it's still going strong. Never a service call and we never rinse anything--just chunk removal. And... the only cycle I use is light wash (with internal water heater on) and store brand detergent no matter what is on the dishes or how long they've been in there--longer now that the kids are gone.

Wish I knew if the new ones were as good. I certainly hope so.

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I am pretty happy with my Whirlpool. I think it set me back less than $450 two years ago on sale. No issues unless we forget to fill the water softener, but we have horrible water.

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Consumer reports recommends a Bosch.

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I'll have to remember Whirlpool, the time is drawing near to buying a new one. The one I have now is a 30+ year old KA but I still see people selling them on ebay refurbished of course and they are not cheap either. I wonder if I shouldn't just have mine fixed up and cleaned etc? huuuummmmm? It seriously does NOT clean though...just mostly use it for sanitizing because I have to wash first...HA! If I try putting dishes with food still on them they will still have food on them after the wash.

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Which ever one you decide to get, make sure the plumber or whomever installs it uses a "high loop" so you don't get that 'smell' that can occur without it.

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I have the very basic Whirlpool that they put into this house when it was built in 2005. So far it works fine but I do rinse the dishes and always use the dry feature, if I don't there are spots even with the rinse aids I have...

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We bought a Kenmore during the Thanksgiving sale. I can't remember the price. Getting a super quiet one was a big deal for us. The builder's model Whirlpool dishwasher that was in the house when we bought it was really loud from day one. We put up with it for five years (it got progressively worse) and it finally broke. The Kenmore really is very quiet and does an excellent job washing the dishes.

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I ended up getting the Frigidaire Gallery. It was on sale at Home Depot, had been 799.00 and was on sale for 566.00 and I also bought an additional 4 year warranty for 109.00 so that's 5 year's of warranty all together. The drain hose was already run and attached permantly on the outside of it, to make the high loop. It did already have a lot of insulation on the outside but we also took the insulation off the old dishwasher and added it on top of what the new one had. It is so pretty and sleek looking, the controls are on the top of the door, which I love because there's no bending over to look and see what you are pushing. It is all stainless steel inside. I did notice some dishwasher's had stainless steel on the inside of the door but plastic on the rest of the tub. The top rack is so nice, it's just huge and can be raised or lowered easily to accomodate taller glasses or bowls etc... The silverware rack goes completely down one side of the bottom rack, holds a lot. The top rack has adjustable tines, you can raise and lower two sets of them, the bottom rack is the same way. So far I am more then pleased with it... you can stand right beside it while it's running and talk in a whisper and be heard, I had no idea there was a dishwasher this quiet and everything came out spotless.

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A Satisfied Consumer! Glad you like it. Getting a new appliance always makes me wonder why I waited so long!

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We have a Bosch and will soon be facing the same situation. We did not want a Bosch but our kitchen has a weird layout - we needed the shallowness of the units. Today it would not be an issue. But while Consumer Reports rates it highly, we have had quite a few issues with it. The electrical panel went at 4 years (there are just the 2 of us and the dog), the soap dispenser broke (couldn't be fixed no matter what we or the repair man did - so had to get a new one) and then it started screeching like crazy - very common as well. Bosch paid for the electrical panel but not the labour - guess what - same price. Then there is the Bosch gas cooktop over the single Bosch over. Multiple problems. But we will have serious issues when they finally give up because we won't be able to replace them with North American models - as in the makes I had originally intended on buying. Then there is the Fridge. Started off with a GE Profile - it lasted 8 years and that was after a major repair. Next up came the Whirlpool - we have had it for 2 years - a disaster - rattles like crazy - and according to the manual, this is a common noise. We have had the repair man out 3 times now. Whirlpool makes the same model under the KitchenAid name but it has a deli drawer and we don't eat deli, so we saved the extra $100. We had a height problem - you will see that issue all over the Appliance forum. We could only go 65 5/8 and needed stainless steel. If we go away for a week I unplug it. I met a man while we were away who had a top GE Profile model sitting on his hardwood kitchen floor. It died while they were away and ruined his floor and the water soaked through to the basement. Now that his kids are back living in the same town as he and his wife, they check every couple of days on how things are in the house. I think that it is like everything. Some people have great experiences with certain products and others have bad experiences. Probably due to the day of the week it is made - where the parts came from etc. When we started having the Whirlpool fridge problems at 1 1/2 years, I searched this site and a member had posted the link to the Whirlpool Fridge problems site - well I could have written it. Might not be a bad idea to Google "Whirlpool Dishwasher Problems" to see what might come up. Hope all works out well for you. We use paper plates where we can to save on the metered water and the dishwasher!

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The ones that I referred to earlier ... have been working for quite a number of years, now, with seldom much more than a minor complaint.

And one advantage is that I figure to avoid the price of a service call, in case they quit working/go on strike.

Being as easily portable as they are, it's no trouble to take them along to church, etc., to help with dishes in other places ... occasionally.

ole joyfuelled

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We bought a Frigidaire in November and love it. You can be standing right next to it and not hear it running. It does a great job too. I can't remember how much we paid for it but was surprised at how inexpensive it was.

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We bought a Kitchen Aid from Lowes in February. I thought about getting a Bosch, but they seemed really small to me. We got the KA for $500. I wanted a SS interior this one had that, the only thing it didn't have was delay start, but the one that did was almost $200 more and I just couldn;t see it. So far, it works fine, couldn't see spending alot of $$, they really don't seem to last. This is our 3rd DW in 23 yrs, in '01 we bought a top of the line DW, it lasted 9 years, then the heating element broke.

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sorry i hadn't offered the name..kenmore...(but like so many of the dw and other major appliances) they're all off shoots of whirlpool...

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Whirlpool owns Kitchenaid, Maytag, Jenn-Air, Amana, Admiral, and makes appliances for Ikea, Costco, and some Sears/Kenmore, and they share most of their parts, save for the control panels which try to make them look different. I don't care for the exposed exterior steam vent or heating element on the bottom of the tub where a kid (or a fallen adult) can burn their hand on it. I'd go for a low-end Bosch; some of the newer ones have deeper racks front to back even though the outside has remained the same size. They clean well and are quiet, though the electronics can be flaky. I like the LG machines too, which are nicely made, reasonably quiet, and roomy, though their service network could use improvement.

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I would avoid the GE Profile. Ours is only 5 years old and falling apart. The racks have been disintigrating. Pieces falling off to the point where I was planning to order new ones. And the hook where the wheels attach kept loosening on every wheel to where they were falling off constantly.

At first I tried PVC glue and other glues to hold them on, but when that didn't work I just took wire and wrapped that around to hold the wheels on. Fortunately the wire did do a great job. But this week I realized the damn thing is leaking and it's ruining my wood floor.... so it's getting the boot.... and only five years old! :(((

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