Now it's time to paint the ceilings.......

cal_dreamerDecember 10, 2011

We're painting & fixing my daughter's house before she moves in - and I want to do the best job I can.

Ceilings have been patched, spot-primed with Kilz where needed, completely primed with Aqua-Lock and now it's time for the finish coats.

I've read most of the ceiling paint threads and have decided to paint with the BM waterborne ceiling paint (508). Anyone have any tips on techniques? I usually paint in 2x3 rectangles, but have been told painting in "stripes" that go accross the whole ceiling would be better.

I'll cut in the whole thing first and let it dry, taking care to feather the edges. What's the best way to fill in the big LR/DR area without getting roller flashing?

Again, any advice is appreciated.

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I always try to roll the larger pattern in the same direction as the dominant light-source windows in rooms that get sun; in that way the ridges in the paint (if any) are less noticeable because they don't cast shadows when the light rakes them.
Other than that, I'd rather use flat wall paint than "ceiling flat" because the latter is so porous and thirsty in subsequent coats. A second coat on flat wall paint is a normal task, on ceiling paint it's an awful chore. IMHO.


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Christopher Nelson Wallcovering and Painting

Roll fisrt coat, side to side( shortest distance)
roll second coat (longest distance)

both quickley

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The best chance to not get flashing is to not apply two coats. One coat over primer is best. Keep a wet edge at all times and apply the paint heavily enough so that you are not having dry edges.

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....the SECOND your roller starts to empty-out, STOP.
LIGHTLY back-roll into what you've done to distribute the newly laid-down paint, and re-load.

I like the Wooster 1/2" Super-Fab cover a lot for ceilings...even for popcorn!

Link below has a pic.


Here is a link that might be useful: Link for pic only!!!

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Thank you all so much! One more bedroom ceiling left to prime before painting. Because I'm tired, and running out of time, I'd really like to do one coat and will try the tips posted above.

Thanks again!

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Well, it went pretty well today - I got the three bedroom ceilings done. Looked like everything covered well, but we'll see tomorrow when everything dries. The BM ultraflat ceiling paint seemed pretty easy to work with.

Halfway through the second room my extension pole broke and it kept collapsing in on itself. I ended up doing a lot from a ladder. :( My feet are so sore! (Shoulder and neck will be sore tomorrow, I'm sure.)

Tomorrow at lunch I'll cut in the hall ceiling. It's a small t-shaped hallway but it has attic access, an air return, & a ceiling fixture so a lot to cut in.

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