Painting subfloor

teapot100December 24, 2010

Call us crazy, but we closed on our house yesterday and need to be out of our rental by the end of this month. We need to pull up the carpets in our new house because one of my kids has a dust mite allergy and the entire house has wall-to-wall carpet. Right now we are just focusing on the main floor where the living room and bedrooms are.

We checked the living room and dining area and thankfully there is hardwood flooring under there, but it ends where the hallway to the bedrooms and bathroom starts. There is only particle board subfloor in that part of the house under the carpet.

We have 1 week to paint and move - we are looking at painting the walls and subfloor right now, covering with area rugs where possible. What is the quickest and most budget-friendly way to do this? Is it even doable in the time we have (Christmas is tomorrow!)? We eventually plan on putting hardwood in that part of the house, but it's just not in the budget right now.


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We are thinking of doing the exact same thing due to a "budget issue" lol. We are painting some pine planks though. I will probably use an oil based epoxy paint. You can roll it on with a roller so it should go very quickly. Just have to make sure you don't paint yourself into a corner, hahah.

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There is very durable acrylic paint made for porches and floors. Paint it with that.

Do the floor in the evening before you leave - paint your self out - and when you come back the next morning is should be dry. Then you can do the walls.

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Thank you! We are looking to paint with zero VOC paint due to the fact that it's the middle of winter and my youngest has allergies/asthma. Can you paint on the particle board itself or do you have to do something special to it?

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I also think acrylic is the way to go. You should clean the floors first. Paint will always stick best to a clean and dull surface and this is especially important for an area that people walk on. High quality paints and low VOC paints are going to cost more.

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