clairdo2November 29, 2012

I would like to make perogies and make the dough and keep it in the fridge a few days.Then do the rest later.Can the dough be made ahead of time ? ,

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Claire, I don't see why not. Just wrap well. You will need to let it warm up a bit before rolling it out.

The dough itself only takes a few minutes to make if you use a food processor.

I make the dough and wrap in plastic and while it rests, I cook the potatoes and make the filling.

Here is a link that might be useful: Perogies - Pictorial

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thank you for the pictorial, can't wait to make them...

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Ann, your pierogi are as pretty as the ones my great-aunties used to make (or buy from church fundraisers.) Mine are never as photogenic! I will have to try your method, as my dough is always springy.

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If your dough has eggs, I would recommend rolling out the dough, drying until leathery, and refrigerating that. You may need to wet the edges of the perogies to get them to seal, but it should be fine.

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Jessica, perogie dough is a soft dough. If it is rolled out and left to dry it will be more like a pasta dough. This isn't the texture that I associate with perogies.


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I haven't specifically done sour cream dough, but for pasta dough I've generally found that leathery sheets are the easiest thing to store. Also since putting the dough together takes a few minutes and rolling takes a longer time, I wouldn't really see the point of making the dough ahead just to refrigerate it in a ball. To each his own!

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Jessica, It wasn't my intention to offend you. I don't disagree with you that there isn't really a need to make the dough in advance because it is so quick and easy to make. I assume though, that Claire has some reason for wanting to do it in advance and if so, my advice to her is that refrigerating it won't hurt. That would be a better option than rolling it and letting it dry out.


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I made them today and they look great

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Pudge 2b

If I may, I have long lineage in perogie making, and spoke with my 82 year old mom today who makes not only dozens upon dozens every week at the church, but has probably pinched perogies for at least 75 of her 82 years. Specifically I asked her about making the dough ahead of time. I know that she always does, but I wasn't sure of the reason. She says that refrigerating the dough after making it is quite beneficial to soft dough which is the whole point of a good perogie. Freezing the dough is even better. She says it's much easier to work with after its been frozen and thawed. Perogie dough shouldn't be the consistency of pasta dough which is much stiffer and drier.

I've pinched my share of perogies. Pinching, as in not using a fork to seal them but instead pinching the seam shut. The whole idea is to try and encase the potato filling so that when you boil it, the potatoes don't leak out. You need to keep the filling from spilling out into the dough that is going to be pinched together or it will come apart no matter what you do, and the potato will leak out. I've also wrecked my share of perogies by not making sure the seams were sealed tight.

My absolute favourite way to eat perogies is with a thick, creamy mushroom sauce poured over top.

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The recipe i made said it would make 12 to 15 but it made 38 so it made me very happy.

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Well done Claire.

Did you have them for dinner?

Just so you know, the perogies also freeze well. I freeze them on a cookie sheet and when frozen I put them into freezer containers.


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Ann's pierogi look great but I don't know anyone in Poland or the Ukraine who'd use cheddar cheese! Most of the people who made pierogi in my family didn't use eggs. Then again, in both cases, who cares? If they're good, they're good and the pics made me hungry.

As far as making dough ahead of time - Pudge said "She says that refrigerating the dough after making it is quite beneficial "

That's right. In fact, ANY dough is going to be better when made ahead of time and allowed to rest. The flour will hydrate more completely and the proteins start to break down. The dough handles much better. Freezing isn't required - just leave it on the counter for an hour or a few hours, or in the fridge for a day or longer.

You can do an experiment yourself. Make cookie dough and then wrap it and leave in the fridge for four or five days. Then make another batch and then bake cookies from both. The one that's been in the fridge will produce a different cookie - more symmetrical, softer. The reason is that the eggs take a long time to integrate with the flour.

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Those are some fine looking Pierogi !

I use my GF's Ukrainian MIL's recipe. It makes a fabulous soft dough that boils perfectly. She lets her dough sit overnight too. I don't but may try it to see if there is a difference.

She does not use egg in her dough. She uses sour cream and the potato water. She uses cottage cheese ( I think ) in the mixture but we prefer cheddar.

I also make them with sauerkraut and bacon stuffing and also have used plums for a sweet pierogi.

Pierogis - dough (Joe's Mom)

6 cups flour
2 cups potato water
1 cup sour cream
2 t salt
2T oil

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