Fake Tin tiles (PVC) or Aluminium tiles?

OakeMarch 4, 2014

Hi. I'm decorating two rooms, a bedroom and a dining room/kitchen, and want to know which would be a better, durable option for ceiling tiles. Someone told me PVC tiles are better because Aluminium stains easily, especially if someone smokes, which they do here. Is that true? Which would be more durable and better? I have reservations about PVC because I heard they don't look as realistic, but I will order samples and see, but if Aluminium stains badly, then of course I will go with PVC. Please advise me. Thanks very much.

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We're going to use tin panels in our kitchen. They still make the original panels, which are steel with tin plating. Those will rust eventually. You can get them with a wide range of durable finishes, as well as a wide range of prices. We're going with an antique brushed nickel finish, and they run about $13 per 2' X 2' panel. I wouldn't go PVC.

Here is a link that might be useful: Tin panels

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I'm surprised there are people who still smoke in their own homes knowing what we know now about the effects of second hand smoke----to say nothing of the smells and stains on upholstery and walls.

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@kswl - unfortunately, smoking is a psychological & physical addiction that is very difficult to treat (even when my patients very much want to stop smoking). Also, smoking decreases the sense of smell; thus, they do not realize/smell how strong the odors are. I wish one of my co-workers would realize how bad he smells after one of his "breaks." It's worse than the person who skipped a shower after a work-out.

@Oake - please keep us updated, I am also interested in using tin tiles and debating between the Armstrong and Fasade tiles.

Here is a link that might be useful: smoking

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authentic is nice but pvc tiles could work for you if you like them and they work with your lifestyle. We'd like to see samples if you get them.

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Wow Kswl, that was rude.

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We have used the press tin from American Tin Ceilings. They were extremely easy to install, and we are not handy.

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We looked at both the metal and PVC versions. I found that the biggest difference was the crispness (detail) of the patterns. After looking at many, many samples we went with Brian Greer's Tin Ceiling products. I liked the patterns, the crispness of the design and the powder coated finish. The tin is harder to cut, though. No matter which you choose, consider how you will end the wall edge. I abandoned the dining room ceiling and only did behind my stove. I've not had any discoloration due to heat, staining or cleaning during the last two years.

We used white tipped paneling nails attach his standard white metal panels to the wall (ours was paneling, so the nails held). Brian's site also has a design wizard that's neat to play with. No, I'm not associated with the company, just a very happy customer.

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I'm thinking, since I read that one person found the installation difficult and ended up with a wavy looking ceiling, I will go an easier route. (I've done no handy work in my lifetime). I thought I would get a 24mm drop ceiling T-grid installed, it makes everything easy and I can easily swap tiles when I want to with coffer, gypsum, faux tin, etc.

But I want to know, if I put in the "lay-in" aluminium metal tiles, will they look swell in a t-grid, I mean will it sit flush and look seamless or will the borders show very much. How does it look? Anyone have a nice picture of their T-grid setup?


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American Tin Ceilings has lots of pictures of their products, including lay-in. I don't like the look of them.

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@MushCreek: I saw pictures of lay-in ceiling on Google and they seemed okay to me. I would like to know more about what exactly you didn't like about grid lay-in system and tiles, so I can get an idea. Thanks.

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You can see the grid, which of course the original tin ceilings didn't have. I guess I'm a purist- if I'm gonna have a tin ceiling, I want it to look like the originals. I've even thought about buying antique panels, but they are too expensive.

It helps to have a good flat ceiling to begin with. My brother did his kitchen, and it doesn't lay very well because his ceiling (old house) isn't very flat. I leveled our ceilings by shimming furring strips across the trusses to get the inaccuracies out. It was a lot of work, but the ceilings look great.

American Tin also has a Snap-Lock system where you install a track, and then the panels snap in. I don't think it has a visible grid.

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