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oldbat2beFebruary 16, 2013

My prep area is at the end of the island here and is not bright enough for me at night. We have Cree LED cans surrounding the perimeter, on a dimmer, and the light from the overhead chandelier but I find the Cree cans to be too bright when they are turned up high enough (to light the prep area) and the island light to not quite be enough when turned up all the way (much softer). We ran a couple wires to the skylight; one for rope lighting around the perimeter (don't think we will end up installing this) and another for overhead lighting over the prep area (on the right hand side of the skylight, up about 14 inches from the ceiling, you can't see the electrical box from this picture).

Please help me find a dimmmable light solution to mount up in the skylight. We've tried the Philips Ledino LED lights which were fun (linked), because I could direct one down on the prep area and the other at the hood across the aisle. However, despite using the ridiculously expensive recommended ELV dimmer, the light would not dim sufficiently. Note I did contact both Phillips and Lutron to confirm that I had the recommended dimmer. We also had the same experience when we added the ledino onto the Cree circuit, which would be my preference, controlling with one light switch vs. two.

Please note the light mounted on the skylight wall is far enough forward that there is no shadow when someone preps in this area. Visually, looking up - I also didn't like the spotlight effect. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Best, oldbat2be

Here is a link that might be useful: Ledino lights

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I've seen the Phillips Ledino lights. Sorry to hear about the dimmer. Phillips is not so consumer friendly it seems: at least between marketing, specs and purchase.

I'm a bit reluctant to suggest another LED fix, but what about a sleek pendant lamp suspended near the skylight wiring? I can think of one or two in particular that may integrate with your chandelier. You could look at the color and lumens and move down toward mid range?

Here is a link that might be useful: Link:

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Gosh, that's a hard one. It looks like any light that is up in the skylight would get swallowed up before it gets out, unless it was too bright as you said the one was. In the pic, it looks like the skylight is farther back than the sink, which precludes something hanging right over it, I'm guessing.

Did you try the lighting forum?

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SparklingWater - thanks for the link, it got me thinking and searching.

This is a pretty cool option, the Tech Lighting Ensu Wall mount allows you to mount a pendant from it. Just as long as it dims sufficiently....

Here's a better picture of the space, too.

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That does seem like a viable option. Would a single pendant be sufficient? If the sink is the dark spot, I think it would. If it is that whole end of the island would you consider a track or monorail system. It could run on one side of the sunlight, or all around the perimeter. Different heads in different spots for task lighting, or to create an ambient up light too. I am pretty sure with tech, the box can have 2 switches, so you can turn on just the task lights, just the ambient lights, or both.

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