Double drawer stack--whatcha got in there?

laughablemomentsFebruary 12, 2013

I'm in a muddle over drawer configurations. Do I "need" a double drawer stack for something in particular? Or will 3 and 4 drawer stacks be better? What are the best uses of those deep double drawer stacks?

It took me a bit, but I finally found this example on houzz:

Traditional Kitchen design by Chicago Architect COOK ARCHITECTURAL Design Studio

Seems like most were 3's and 4's....hmmmmm?

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These would be useful for your pots and pans - which would not fit in 3 or 4 drawer stacks. Also nesting prep bowls, Colander, Salad Spinner, etc. What do you use on a regular basis that would not fit in 3 or 4 drawer stacks? Many use drawers for their dishes and glassware too.

IMO, the 4 drawer stack holds very little and I would need fewer of those - if any.

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I like the deep drawers. I have doubles and triples and they are great. In the triple stacks, I use 2 drawers for dishes (plates, bowls, platters, etc). In another triple stack, I use the deep drawers to store my DD collection of tall canteens and thermos'. In the double stack, I use one drawer for pots and the other drawer for prep items such as cutting boards (standing on edge instead of lying flat), colander, electric can opener, hand mixer, mini chopper, etc. these items would not fit as nicely in a less deep drawer (such as a 4 drawer stack).

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I have a double drawer stack for my pots and pans.

Also a smaller double stack to the left of my fridge. In the top drawer we keep all of our snacks and bread in the bottom drawer. These are great. I wish they were a bit wider but that's all we could fit there.

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It really depends on the interior drawer space. I have 95% drawers in my kitchen. They are all 3 drawer stacks, except one that is 4. My nested prep bowls and tallest stock pot fit in the 3 drawer stack. The 4 is, from too to bottom, spice drawer, dish towels, immersion blender, hand mixer, etc..., and the bottom drawer is empty- too much space in new kitchen!

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Thanks everyone! Must be my stock pots are on the shorter side. It looks like they'll all fit inside a 12" drawer. This is good news for my kitchen, since the space is filling up quickly. I could only hope to have too much leftover with empty drawers. Ha!

I appreciate all the info. It gives me some good ideas for filling my (kitchen) drawers.

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