Did you seal travertine backsplash before grouting?

doravilleFebruary 23, 2010

I've read that some backsplash stones should be sealed before you grout. Would you do this with a smooth travertine (not tumbled)? If so, do you seal while on the wall but before grouting or before you even put on wall?

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This weekend I juse set and grouted filled honed travertine floor tile. I sleaed most of it about 12 hours before I grouted. However, about the last 20 tiles were laid in the mornging of the day I grouted. Frankly I did not see any difference in cleaning the grout off the sealed vs. unsealed tiles. I will seal, grout and all, in a few days.

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If you're DIYing this, I'd strongly suggest that you seal the tile prior to grouting. If you're having a pro come in and do it, I'd leave it to his discretion. Some prefer to grout raw tile, while others will prefer to seal it first. I know myself, I prefer to grout it raw.

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Thanks all

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