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mydreamhomeideasFebruary 2, 2014

I'm trying for a second time to get this house plan to come across a little better so people might be able to help me with tweaking the kitchen. The dimensions are roughly 16 x 11 but that can be made bigger if needed since it is dining area one direction and garage the other. I want to actually make it a little smaller in the dining room direction because I want to move the entrance from the garage to the house over a little toward the kitchen and I think we need more walkway between the dining and kitchen. Not sure if that makes sense.

I really want an island but my husband doesn't want to be walking around it to get to things so I figured more of a galley kitchen would be good. I'll submit this and then upload a picture of the kitchen plan that I thought might work a little better or at least be something different than what I have now.

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This is the layout I think I would like better. Instead of the sink and D/W in the island I would rather have it in the open area between the living room and kitchen and just have a little prep sink in the island with the island being counter height not bar height at all so I can put some stools under the other side of the island. This kitchen measures 16.6 x 9.4. In my house plan I was thinking of leaving the side that butts up against the garage wall without cabinets so I could make the other counter run longer and the island longer. I could make a door that goes into a big pantry from the wall there since I could steal room from the garage. That might be nice.

Does any of that make sense?

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I'm not sure how others zoom in on photos, but I tried the snipping tool.

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the other

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So the first image shows your current kitchen and the 2nd shows your inspiration image that you want to adapt to your kitchen?

First off, that inspiration photo has a poorly designed island. There is *no* counter to the right of the sink. It also puts the range in the main pathway through the kitchen. And the prep sink is not in a good triangle to the range.

Here's my interpretation of your inspiration:

I moved the clean-up sink and DW to the great room wall. You'll need to move the sink plumbing but not far.

I kept the fridge, range and shallow pantry L of your existing kitchen but I eliminated that angled cabinet, extended the pantry cabs to the right (cabs to counter on range wall, store toaster, mixer, etc here) and shifted the range to be centered on that wall. You'll need to shift the range wiring and gas lines, if you have gas, but not far. That's generally a reasonable cost ($250 to move a gas line 6' in the Portland, Oregon area).

Then I added a 51 x 72 island with a prep sink, long side of the island facing the range wall. You will need to add plumbing for that sink.

There are two seats at the short end of the island. I estimated that leaves 10' for your DR, including aisle way. Not sure how wide a table you have and whether this is sufficient space but the island doesn't extend into the DR as far as your peninsula so you'll gain a bit of room for the DR without sacrificing kitchen function, IMO.

Not sure what things your hubby would be trying to get to in order to walk around the island. If it's to the fridge, that's not too bad, the island ends 6" before the fridge does. If it's to the range, yeah, he'll have to walk around the island. But it is by no means, what is commonly called a barrier island on GW (in the path between fridge and range or range and sink, etc).

There are no major structural changes although you'll need to do floor repair if the existing flooring doesn't extend below your cabinets.

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