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mss103January 29, 2013

I have a 2 YO Lab and a 14 YO Lab. The 14 YO has always done this cat-like thing, wherein she rubs herself along the furniture, leaving behind a swath of oil from her coat. I only have leather or wood furniture, and I've been just using a soapy water solution (Dawn, actually) to clean it. It's not a problem on the wood, but I've noticed that on the leather, it looks as if the color is actually wearing away in areas where it's been repeatedly cleaned. Any suggestions? I always follow up the cleaning of the leather with the application of the conditioner as well.

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You may have to have the leather re-dyed in those areas.

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Dawn is a strong cleaner so you may want to switch to a leather cleaner, followed by a conditioner.

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Can you DIY re-dye the leather? This is not super high-end Italian leather, but the J.C. Penney variety.

I had tried a leather cleaner, but it did not cut the greasy residue. A Dawn solution is the only thing I've found that works. I may try white vinegar and hot water next time.

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Try saddle makers soap.(Often called simply saddle soap).

It is made for cleaning leather.

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Could you use a matching shoe polish on the leather to sort of (at least temporarily) dye it back? I don't have leather furniture, but might give that a shot, if the furniture weren't too new.

Otherwise, can you contact the manufacturer for suggestions?

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I would use saddle soap to clean too. The oils from the dogs body shouldn't really be harmful to the leather...maybe even beneficial.

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