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anneh38January 18, 2010

Hi, I have a wonderful 5yo neutered 55lb mix that is very dog friendly. He enjoys the dog park and dogs that visit here. I want to adopt a second dog, too many homeless dogs :( However seems I love my dog so much that I am concerned in case he is not happy having another dog around all the time. Am looking into a 7yo collie mix that a rescue has and says she is good with other dogs. If they seem ok when they meet should I take a chance and adopt her? Must be old age because I get anxious about it and yet keep wanting to do it :( thanks for your thoughts


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murraysmom Zone 6 OH

You don't say what mix your dog is. I had a collie mix and he was the kindest, nonaggressive dog in the neighborhood. I added a mini schnauzer and he was fine with that. I think if they meet on neutral ground and they get along, it should go well. My second dog understood the older dog was the leader and that was that. I think mixing a male and female is a very good idea. My neighbors did that with great success.

I wish you lots of luck. It's nice to have company for your dog.

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I say go for it! Since he is good at the dog park, he would probably love a buddy. Take your dog to meet the collie in neutral the rescue or perhaps at the dog park if they're willing. Since you are working with a rescue, ask if you can do a trial run for a week or so. Most rescues are agreeable to this, since they want to place their dogs well.

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We have a very aggressive male. (He is better with training)

We wanted a second dog, since one dog is not a pack.

Took Max to the shelter and let him pick his packmate.

All we did was screen the possibles(all female).

He picked Molly. They get along like long lost buddies(she is spayed).

Let your dog pick his new friend.

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thank you all so much, really appreciate the encouragement :)

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Make sure the dogs meet on neutral territory and ask the rescue organization if you can bring the dog back if it does not work out....good luck. Please ppost and let us know how things go..

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I forgot something important: When a dog is moved to a new home, there is sometimes a period of adjustment. The dog is in a 100% new environment, and has no idea of the rules in his or her new home. Previously housebroken dogs may not be housebroken at first. (this happened to me.) Dogs that were allowed to sleep in the bed might not be allowed to in the new home. Dogs allowed to bark their heads off in the yard might not (hopefully!) be allowed to in the new home.

Be patient and lovingly firm to train your new dog as to what is and isn't acceptable in your home. Take a 4 day weekend or a week off to spend a lot of time with the dog when you get him or her if possible. Dogs have an amazing capacity to adjust and become a perfect member of their new family.

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I also vote "go for it" and also support Handymac's advice: Let your dog pick his buddy. I did the same thing and I've had them all now for at least 7 yrs.

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Good for you! I think everything will be fine. Dogs pickup on your energy so be calm and assertive.

My St. Bernard welcomed a new dog with open paws. He was 5 when I brought home an abused little Cocker. They are best buddies from day one ... and both silly males. I call them the twins, partners in crime.

Enjoy and best wishes :-)

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I think your dog would love some "doggie" companionship. Did you do it?

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