BM vs. Glidden

bigdogloverDecember 17, 2011

I'm a big BM Regal fan. For one thing, its smell/fumes have never bothered me, where others have. I asked a painter to bid on the ceiling, and when I told him I like BM he said that's too expensive. I assumed he would want to use SW, like most all the other painters I've encountered (because of the contractor price break) and he said even that is too expensive. He said he'd use Glidden ceiling paint. When I balked at this he said it being on a ceiling it's not that important, and that he could get a five-gallon can of it for something like $50. Yes, $50 for five gallons!!!

That compares with BM ceiling paint at about $35/GALLON (or $175/five-gallon).

There has got to be some big difference between these two paints for a price difference like that. I see Glidden is sold at Walmart and HD.

I said just give me your labor cost and we'll decide on which paint.

Should I let someone paint my ceiling with Glidden? I'm wanting it to match my crown moulding and other trim. Or a possible second choice, just be a basic "ceiling white." I feel like whatever makes Glidden cheaper will make it stick out like a sore thumb next to my BM Regal flat.

Many thanks.

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Lori A. Sawaya

Cheaper ceiling paint juxtaposed to 'expensive stuff' on the walls can actually create an interesting contrast. The cheaper stuff on ceiling makes the 'expensive stuff' on the walls shine (as in featured) a lil more.

I agree that ceilings don't see wear and so the final film doesn't need to be as durable.

I'm going to tell a crazy color lady story. I believe that cheap ceiling paint *breaks down* after a few years and results in teeny-tiny, super fine particles of white dust in the space. Discovered this with the first brand new build I bought. Watered-down, cheap-to-begin-with ceiling paint throughout the house. As we systematically painted each room including ceilings with quality grades of paint, that fine white dust started to magically disappear. Literally one freshly painted bedroom would be practically dust free every week and the one with original paint right next to it would have a layer of that fine dust.

Then I started testing my theory with client's homes - 'cuz maybe mine was weird or somethin'. And don't ya know, I saw the same thing occur.

Every paint person I've shared this with thinks I'm nuts because "paint doesn't just break down and fall off the walls". I kinda think watered-down cheap paint does. And I think it's a good argument to choose a better grade for the ceiling.

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Funcolors, I am one that just happens to agree with you. On our last house, had white dust badly in just the living room. I have black oriental style pillows on the couch, and the tops of them would be white every morning, as well as most everything else, but it showed up most on the black. Well, a storm caused a small leak in the roof over that part of the house, and we had to have that area re roofed. I used shellac on the small ceiling stain, and primed, then put 2 coats of Benjamin Moore regal on the ceiling. I never had to clean the white stuff off the pillows again in all the years we lived there.

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That theory actually makes quite a bit of sense. Cheap flats are filled with chalk or talc so it's not hard to imagine that stuff breaking free and floating around in the air. I don't really have a problem using cheap flat paint on ceiling, as long as it is the correct cheap flat paint. The important thing is that it looks good up there with no flashing and roller marks. I still use $25 per gallon paints on ceilings just because they look better and flatten out better.

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Fun & Cat, that explains sooo much. This is the dustiest house we have ever lived in, inexplicably so. It was a builder spec house and I know that they painted it with a cheap brand of paint (Monarch), watered down and sprayed on, ceilings and walls. The rooms that haven't been re-painted are the dustiest, and none of the ceilings have been repainted. Thanks so much crazy color lady, lol! and cat for sharing your experience confirming it.

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Paintguy, looks like our posts crossed. Thanks for the additional confirmation, and by an expert pro! Makes perfect sense to me too. I'm sold on the point.

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So do you think BM Ceiling Paint is a good choice and will not create the white dust phenomena? I see it is $40/G so it should really not be a cheap paint. I will have it tinted to an off white color. It says it allows ample open time, which I need!!! Aura is killing me on the walls.

Otherwise, maybe Regal?

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I just painted my kitchen with BM. The painter said he doesn't work with it much because there is only one retailer in our area and it takes too much of his time to go there. When he saw my dark accent color (Wasabi Aura) he didn't think one gallon would give me good coverage with two coats. Well it did with plenty to spare. After he was done, it said it was one of the best paints he has worked with because it didn't splatter and covered really well.

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Currently, my go-to ceiling paint is Ultra Spec 500 flat white. I tried Regal Select once and it was okay, though it was thick and I had to thin it a bit to get it to a workable state and even after this it flashed some, plus it spattered pretty badly. I never liked Muresco because it has a sheen and always flashes.

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So do you think BM Ceiling Paint is a good choice and will not create the white dust phenomena?

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I think if there is such a thing as the dust coming from the paint, then this would only happen with flat paint and would be more likely to occur with cheaper flats. Anything above Super Spec/Ultra Spec quality I would consider to be decent quality and that would include their ceiling paint 508, Muresco, Regal and Regal Select.

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ok, thanks.

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