Switching texture after major ceiling repairs

a.girl.named.maxDecember 2, 2010

I hope this is the right forum for my ceiling questions.

Scenario: My livingroom and diningroom ceilings have some major water damage. The ceilings throughout the house currently have a popcorn spray texture. The house was built in 1970 so the popcorn probably has asbestos. The ceilings have been painted with latex several times so the popcorn can't easily be removed.

To make things even more complicated I decided it's a good time to remove two old manufactured fireplaces and install a new gas fireplace in a different location. The old fireplaces are located in the livingroom and the lower level family room. The new future gas fireplace will be installed in a new location in the livingroom.

  1. One GC wants to rock over existing ceilings and install new knock down texture.

2. Another GC wants to repair the ceilings as necessary and then put a knock down textured ceiling over the existing popcorn.

3. I originally thought the ceilings would have to totally come down and then new rock installed with new knock down texture.

I'm on a tight budget so I would prefer not taking down the ceilings. Not to mention the mess and the cost of replacing even more attic insulation. I'm not sure if either of the GCs recommendations will work.

I'm looking for input, pros, cons, and suggestions.

Thank you.

A girl named "Max"

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Adding a thin sheetrock over the existing popcorn and ceilings, and then texturing that would be the fastest way. As long as the damage hasn't weakened the joists it's an acceptable repair.

The problem with applying texture directly to the popcorn is that the moisture in the texturing compound can loosen the popcorn and it all falls off. If that happens, you are stick with having to take it all off and start texturing again. If GC#2 will guarantee that his method will not cause the popcorn to separate, and have a plan to deal with it if it does (at no added cost), it would be faster than #1.

Removing popcorn is messy, and painted popcorn is messier.

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Run 1x2 furring strips fastened over the existing drywall attached to the joists, Then install new 1/2" minimum,( I would go with 5/8") drywall using longer fasteners to penetrate into the joists, not just the furring strips. You dont have to over fasten the strips, that will be taken care of when the drywall is fastened with the longer fasteners. Tapecoat, mud, texture, primer and paint. Any electrical and mechanicals will have to be extended. If you could use some additional insulation, instead of adding it in your attic, you could foam board inbetween the furring strips before running the new drywall.

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