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betsyhacJanuary 7, 2012


Well, it has now come to my attention that rawhides are bad news and that I should make sure the bully sticks I buy are USA made due to concerns about chemicals in products made outside the U.S. (esp China, of course). I'd prefer that they were as odor free as possible, but not bleached.

A search on Google has been less than helpful, and GW doesn't seem to have talked about this subject recently. So, if you buy bully sticks for your dogs, please let me know if you have a brand or a vendor that you recommend - not only bc your "dogs love 'em" - but bc you know they are safe and healthy. My vet has advised that my girls need these for their teeth.


Betsy, Sophie, & Chloe

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I've never been a fan of rawhide, and there has always been the arsenic risk for non US products.

I like to get the dehydrated large sticks from places like 'N/A Nothing Added' or my local raw food suppliers, but for standard bully sticks that don't need to be refrigerated:

BestBullySticks.com or ValuePetSupply.com

VPS has free shipping on most week-ends as long as you spend a certain amount, and BBS has free shipping over $129. Both ship quickly.

Here is a link that might be useful: BestBullySticks.com

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I can't answer your question, except that my Lucy loves bullies and pressed rawhide. So I will follow this post.

I just saw that deer and elk antlers are available for chewing.

Here is a link that might be useful: antlers

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i also buy from bestbullysticks.com

my dogs are never allowed to have rawhide. rawhide is not digestible and is notorious for causing blockages.

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The vet should have advised you to brush your dogs teeth!I know this sounds rediculous but its not that hard just make sure you don't use people toothpaste .after having 1 mastiff with toooth decay cause heart problems (just like people) i brush my other two mastifffs teeth daily. And ive never had to get them cleaned by a vet . Of course Since my dogs are really big i have to take axtra steps to avoid general anasthesia . at any rate if you cant get your dogs to like getting thier teeth brushed by you, ask your local buther for, a raw soup knuckle bone. Yes they are a little stinky but did you know that bully sticks are made from bull penis. yup it's a fact they take the skin from abulls penis strech it out and dry and roll it up. And no theres nothing wrong with that i just find that a litte stinky too.

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Bully stick is in one sense, it is a weapon for the owner to tame the pets. This stick is used as warning for the pets. Wherever the pets go owner has to arrange the bully sticks
so that pets will be trained and pets will be safe from other animals to attack.

Here is a link that might be useful: bully sticks

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