How to remove vine tendril marks before painting

don46December 15, 2012

We let some fig vine go wild on the back of our house and it has left its "feet" marks all over the painted brick and white trim. I don't want them painted over. They need to be removed. Is there a good way to get this off before repainting? I don't want to scrape unless I have to. Is there some treatment I could use that would soften them so they could be hosed or wiped off?

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I researched this a couple years ago and could not find a product that removed these tentacles. You can try soap and water and a scrub brush. I tried that plus scraping with a putty knife. I I could still see the shadow of where the vine had been. It is as if the tentacles embed into structure.

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Christopher Nelson Wallcovering and Painting

As wings said, there is no magic potion,they need to be mechanically removed( ie,scrapping, sanding, etc)

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Science is still trying to find out what adhesive figs use. Scrape, prime and paint is the only way to remove them.

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