Has anyone used milk paint or RL river rock on textured walls?

olivesmomMarch 17, 2013

I'm thinking about painting our master bedroom and would like to use a paint that gives a warm glow, something that looks old-ish and maybe resembles plaster. I'm considering milk paint, RL river rock or maybe suede (i don't want the wall to look too faux finished though, kwim?). However, my walls have an organge peel texture and I'm wondering how any of the specialty finish paints will look on top of texture. Will they accentuate it, or help hide it?

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I have milk paint in two rooms, but not on textured walls. I don't know if it will accentuate or hide the texture, frankly. Perhaps it depends on how thick it is when you mix it up (you can make it as thick or thin as you care to).

The color depth, though, is amazing, much richer than latex paint. The color will shift with the lighting, as do all paints, but the color will shift nicely. So whether your orange peel texture is more or less pronounced, you may not care because the color is so remarkable.

I used Old Fashion Milk Paint Company's Safe Paint for walls and was very happy with it.

Here is a link that might be useful: Safe Paint -- milk paint for walls

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I used RL suede paint in a couple rooms three houses ago. The walls were in horrible shape. The two exterior walls were plaster over hollow-clay block, and the interior walls were patchy plaster and some drywall. And these were meant to have a fairly smooth texture (1926 plaster smooth, so some natural texture)). The other room was the powder room, which also had a lot of old patchy plaster that only got worse as I peeled off some hideous wallpaper.

I found that the suede paint did what I wanted it to do -- it gave a consistent look to the rooms, but wasn't obnoxiously "faux finish" like many things that were happening in 2003 when I did it. I used a fairly dark paint, which I think helped, too. It was about the color of SW Grandiose (SW6404).

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