Big box paint brands with a true flat finish?

ccintxDecember 19, 2012

Are there any paint brands sold at HD or Lowes that have a true flat finish? I just had a Martha Stewart formula mixed in Behr flat paint. The color matches, but the paint is not actually a flat finish. I found the same true with Glidden's finish. Are there any paint brands available at these stores that has a true flat finish? I usually use Kelly Moore, and it has an awesome soft flat finish, but they can't seem to match the Martha Stewart color that I chose.

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You just need to buy flat paint, not washable flats or mattes. They are also known as dead flats. It's really the most confusing thing ever for a regular Joe off the street to figure out what is what. This is further complicated by lies printed on labels of flat paint (dead flats) that actually claim the paint is washable. Plus, Home Depot aisle walkers may not even know what the hell the difference is between a matte and a flat and a dead flat so asking them could be hit or miss and you run the risk of further confusion. I don't really know what paint Home Depot sells, but generally speaking the cheaper the flat paint, the less sheen it will have. More expensive flat paints have a greater content of solids (the good stuff in paint) and cheaper paints have more cheap fillers in paint (like chalk and clay) which make the paint film to appear more 'dead'. Now, if you are really looking for a matte or washable flat and you want some washability, then it may be impossible to find a paint by any manufacturer with no sheen at all because they just don't exist. Sadly, you need some level of sheen because this is what makes the paint washable. Again, you can read more lies on the labels of these cans as well that may claim their paint has no sheen or no shine. It's a lie. If a paint is washable, it's got some sheen, the end.

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C2 has a true dead-Flat.
So few wanted it that we stopped carrying it.

ACE's newer Clark+Kensington line has the 2 Flats....
Flat, and Flat-Enamel.


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