Painting help needed, can't decide where to start/ stop colors

madtown_2006_gwDecember 8, 2013

I posted this on the Home Dec board, but thought this board might be helpful as well, so I apologize if you're seeing this twice. Anyway, we are painting our kitchen and family room and I can't figure out where to end one color and begin another. I suppose the easy answer would have been to stick with one color, but where's the fun in that? Also, the kitchen will be remodeled eventually, so the soffit is staying for now. We took down the cabinets between the kitchen and breakfast area, but don't plan on doing anything with the soffit until we re-do it all in a few years. Anyway, there are two areas I need help with:

1. The family room (through that opening on the left, you can see some art on the wall) will be blue, the walls coming down from upstairs are beige, and the kitchen/breakfast area is brown. Should we continue the beige down the small stairway into the family room? Or should that be blue? Or brown? What about the small portion of the wall that forms the pass-through, where the wooden ledge is? I guess blue there, too? In the 2nd pic you can see the pass-through and down into the family room. Actually, you can see the blue swatch down there, too. And on the far right of the 2nd pic, you can barely see that the little stair wall turns a corner at the bottom of the steps, so that is where I would end the beige or brown, if we went with one of those those.

2. Ok, and the second question is whether we should paint the underside of the old soffit. I'm thinking we should but I'm a little afraid it might be weird or too heavy (visually) or something. Omg excuse the mess. Ha ha obviously things are in disarray due to the painting. The microwave is not usually there, and a pot rack usually hangs from those hooks I the soffit. It's hard to tell but the backsplash is tiled, so that won't be painted.

Thanks so much for your input!

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Looking at the shade of blue you've chosen, I would paint the stairway beige. (The blue might make it seem like a cave, and you certainly don't want use the brown, great color, but too dark for an entire stairway...)
Is the ceiling in the kitchen freshly painted? I think the soffit would look okay painted to match the ceiling.

If you want the seamless look, certainly paint it brown to match the walls. I tend to go with that opinion when I am asked for work. (I have my own small business.) Also, it's a bit easier!

Looks like you have decent cabinets! Seems like a cute house!

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Thanks for your input and the compliment! We really like the house but it's certainly a work in progress!

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