Marscapone vs White Dove-help please!

ratherbesewingDecember 8, 2012

In the process of painting all the trim on the first floor. I only want to do this once. I recently used BM Marscapone for a bedroom trim, but am concerned it might be too creamy. Should I go with BM White Dove? Your thoughts please.

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Hmmm, that's an interesting question: do you *not* want it to be too creamy? What color are the walls? What's the light like? I find that the color can change depending on the direction of the windows (north vs south, etc).

I wanted to touch up some of the trim in my home where I had had an issue with blue tape taking off the top layer of paint. I took a piece of trim (taken off for another project) down to the BM store, and they matched it to White Dove, but +50%. The cans are in the basement and I don't want to trek down there tonight, but I can look it up for you tomorrow if you want. I think that the resulting formula has more gray in it. And I think that the trim in my home does have a grayish cast to it. Now, I don't mind--but I'm in a different position than you: I'm not going to be painting all of my trim again. I'm usually trying to decide on what color paint to put on the walls. :-)

I did try a sample of Marscapone to put on my dining room walls, and found that it did have a more yellow/cream undertone which did not work in that particular room.


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I used BM Vapor (not vapor trail) on all trim and am happy. It is not too white, but has NO yellow or cream

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