Existing cat and new kitten--and 2 different foods

tracey_bJanuary 9, 2012

What to do, what to do???

Coco is 18 months old and started off on a higher-end canned food (and dry) but didn't really eat it well (along with his companion) and they had diarrhea too, so the vet suggested we keep changing foods to one they'd eat AND would stop the diarrhea (said some foods are too "rich"? for younger cats). They both settled on Sci. Diet "culinary creations", sooooo that's what he's been on for about a year now.

We just got a new kitten, Maggie, (because Coco's companion died) and she's eating California Naturals canned food---and eating it really well and has nice poop, so we don't want to change her. I've tried getting Coco interested in her canned food, but he prefers his. That wouldn't necessarily be a problem except that she seems like she'd like to prefer his too, but I won't let her. It's been easy as the last 2 weeks (since we brought her home) we've kept them separate when we're out of the house and at night, so that's when Coco eats his food--when Maggie can't get to it.

We're now letting Maggie out into the rest of the house for more and more of the day, so now I don't know what to do about the food issue.

Is Science Diet "Culinary Creations" good enough to let them both eat indefinitely? Personally, I've had good experience with Sci. Diet---our last kitty died at age 21 after having eating ONLY SD dry all her life.

I really hate the thought of trying to force a change of food on Coco when he's been through so much the last 2 months--the loss of his mate and the gaining of a new one 6 weeks later.

Any thoughts for me?



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If Maggie is wanting Coco's food, then I'd be inclined to let her eat the same thing he's eating. I just looked up the ingredients of the Culinary Creations and they look good, unlike a lot of the SD dog food I've seen. Some animals may react to the wheat flour and gluten that's in the cat food, but if your animals have been healthy on it then I see no reason not to feed what works for you and the cats.

After trying nearly every brand of cat food, my cat eats only Fancy Feast. I know it's not the best food out there but it's what keeps our household happy!

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Thanks, Annz. I just came to that conclusion this afternoon after poor Coco had 2 bouts of diarrhea--he ate too much of Maggie's food yesterday and a smidgen this morning (with some Fortiflora added to entice him), and now I feel so badly for him---very guilty! Since she seems willing to eat his, I'm going to allow it. Like you said--if it's what they'll eat, you gotta keep them happy. Hopefully her gut will be less sensitive than his is!

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