cwalenFebruary 6, 2013

Anyone have experience with this online retailer? (

I faxed them my quote on Diamond cabinets from Lowe's ($6200) for Amhearst (Maple white) and their quote was $4900. Same exact parts/cabinets/trim, etc.

Kitchens for less price includes freight but not sales tax.

thanks in advance!

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Can you convince us this is not spam? You registered today to ask a very spammy-smelling question......

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not spam. how can i prove i am not? I've been lurking for a few weeks now.

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Was the current "Buy more save more" promo from Lowes factored into your price? Because at that price level, I think you qualify for the $800 rebate plus a free sink cabinet. That would get you within $100 of a local contact point when you have problems with not ordering enough or correctly. (There is always something that you forgot and need to put a rush order on.) Did the second company order you baseboard plus an extra for cuts? Quarter round? Scribe molding? Enough crown molding to account for cuts? Finish the sides of the exposed cabinets off with a furniture finish plywood end or an integrated door end? Knobs and pulls?

Sales tax will need to be factored in to your purchase as well. All states have now put the burden of that onto the consumer to contact the state revenue office and to pay up, even though some aren't quite set up for it. But plenty of posters here have had their state revenue offices contact them about the sales tax that they owe on a large internet purchase. As records from transport and online retailers become more integrated and transparent to the states, you'll have more of that happening.

Also, in most states, if you hire the cabinet supplier to install the cabinets, that does escape the sales tax and allows you to put that money towards a professional installation.

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I was told by KD at Lowe's that there is no current buy more save more promo running (at least at the time I sat down to do the design/get the quote). She indicated they may run them in the future but there was not an active one at that time. So the quote naturally does not reflect that.

There was also no free sink base cabinet special running - at least for Diamond.

I faxed entire parts list from my Lowe's quote to KFL. Fillers/baseboard/furniture ends. Hardware was not part of my quote from Lowe's so it was not part of KFL quote either.

Obviously sales tax will need to be added to both Lowe's and KFL. We have an outside contractor already ready because we are doing some other reno jobs in the house along with the kitchen reno.

I just was wondering if anyone had experience working with KFL. I've searched the internet and I'm coming up with mostly positive feedback about the company.


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the big box stores tend to discount the mass produced cabinet brands in the 20-35% range. You can buy the same thing at local hardware stores who can order these brands for you in the 55% discount range. I have heard of people getting them even better than that. My parents did their kitchen thru Lowes gutted to the wall, with some electric and plumbing work done thru them too. My father got a contractor's debit card which took off a few more percents from the price and got the discount around 45-50% for doing everything including tile floor and backsplash with them. He vetted one Lowes against another Lowes across town. It is possible he could have gotten a better price, but the hassle factor for my older parents was worth the money - Lowes took care of absolutely everything for them down to the last detail, as well as the granite.

The did an excellent job, paid 30K for plywood boxes solid wood fronts, all GE appliances, granite, two sinks, tile floor/splash - etc. I think it was a fair price in the end.

If you order them yourself you will have to deal with opening all the boxes, inspecting for damage, dealing with returns - etc. My parents did not have to lift a finger.

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