textured wall paint?

rosessecretgardenDecember 25, 2010

hi all!

How do you like the textured wall paint on the walls of bedroom? Is that in fashion?

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It depends on if you like the texture. You can achieve a wider variety of textures by either having it sprayed on and left alone or knocked down. You can get even more with hand trowling often referred to as "skip troweling" and "troweled by hand". There's a lot more steps and prep involved doing it this way as well as more expense and the texturing of choice should be left to a reputable pro, but again, way more choices. Here's a link with some examples:

Here is a link that might be useful: drywall textures

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Should have stated that the above examples,(there are many more varities of textures),aren't a texture paint and are applied before primer & paint and are typically a compound similar to drywall joint compound. Most require at least 24 hours dry time before priming and paint and if going over an existing painted wall, the surface should be lightly sanded or "etched" and cleaned prior to texturing.

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