White or ivory PB daybed cover & skirt for vintage iron bed?

juddgirl2March 30, 2014

Please help me decide which color of daybed cover and skirt to order before my PB 20% off coupon expires Sunday night!

I have a Charles P Rogers daybed in a vintage iron finish (shown below). It's kind of a tan distressed paint over a dark brown iron finish. I've had my eye on this PB Cameron matelasse daybed cover and skirt for awhile now (PB Daybed Cover) and am wondering if it would look best in white or natural with the finish on my daybed.

I like the brightness of the white but thought the natural might work better with the daybed's finish and dark brass details. It also might show less wear. But will it look a little boring having beige bedding on a beige/brown bed?

I think either color would work with the room (which is being remodeled anyway) but we lean towards warm colors. Walls in the room will probably be SW Believable Buff and trim will be SW Antique White.

The daybed is used very little since it's in our office/guest room. It's mostly used to sit on and sometimes for sleeping.

Daybed has this vintage iron finish, with the dark brass details:

This is the daybed in a different finish:

White cover and skirt:

Natural cover and skirt:

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Beautiful day bad. I vote for the ivory. Add some print throw pillows and it will be gorgeous!

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I would wait to make that decision until you have the room painted and some of the other furnishings in place. The daybed color will be affected by the wall color, carpet, wood tones, upholstery, etc. IMO this is not an isolated decision to be made without respect to the rest of the room.

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I agree with Kswl but, if you just want the opinion of what goes with the bed, I would choose the natural.

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Thanks so much for the advice and comments! I'm leaning towards the natural. I'm glad no one so far thinks it might look a bit boring with the bed's finish.

Normally, I would wait to have the room finished before deciding and that's good advice but I've been looking for this same type of simple daybed cover and skirt for a few years and just haven't seen much else available. Most covers are more blanket like. I'd like to pick this up before it's no longer offered, and PB has already stopped offering the matching bolster covers. Might need to find those on ebay or an outlet.

Also, since this room is used as a second guest room and office, the only other necessary piece of furniture is my DH'S desk (wood for now but may be painted a deep red, tan, or black). There's not room for much more in the space and I can choose the wall color and flooring around the daybed. I love this daybed and want it to be the focus in the room :) The adjoining bathroom is being remodeled now and I'm using ivory and creamy white tones, and I'll probably do the same in the bedroom with the floors and walls.

I love the idea of accent pillows and will probably be posting asking for help in selecting those!

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We have the Natural set on the daybed in our guest bedroom. The bed frame is a dark bronze-brown, and it looks really nice with the Natural.

Room was still in-progress in the first pic, hence, the missing switchplates.

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cat_mom - thanks so much for posting pictures! Your daybed is lovely and the natural does look very nice with the bronze bed. I really like your accent pillows too!

I ordered the natural cover and skirt and am looking forward to seeing it in person. It's an online only product so I wasn't able to look at it in the store first.

Are you happy with the quality? Do you use your bed for sleeping and if so, do you put a sheet on over or instead of the cover?

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So glad to help! We also had to order it sight unseen, but I really liked the "minimal" l styling of this one, and I wanted to take advantage of a what appeared to be a really good sale (30% off I think it was???).

We thought the bedframe was going to be black but apparently it wasn't! The color name was misleading, and of course, this style was not available in the store. When it was delivered (within days of my parents arrival for a week-long visit, no less), we decided we liked it well enough, and felt it went really well with the floor tile, the C&B dresser we had ordered (which arrived a few days later), etc., so kept it.

The quality seems good. It's a bit "oversized' for the mattress and bedframe (a little bit of tucking under, and using small clips; I clipped the bedskirt to the underside of the frame, helps keep it looking neat--probably hadn't done that yet when I took those pics!). I haven't washed it yet, but do take a lint roller or vacuum to it if the cats have been hanging out on it. I keep the mattress pads on the mattresses. Mostly for storage, but it also helps fill out the cover a bit more. The mattresses are not very plump and cushion-y (the one on the pop-up trundle would never fit under the daybed itself if it was any thicker anyway).

When my parents come over, we pull out the pop-up trundle (and pop it up), remove the pillows, bolsters, and daybed cover, and then make up the beds with sheets and comforters and regular bed pillows. During my parents' visit(s), the throw pillows and daybed cover then go in the closet on the shelves where the comforters and sheets are normally kept. The only thing that remains on the daybed, with or without the cover on, is the bedskirt (and the mattress pads; I wash those and replace them after my parents' visit, and then make the daybed up again with the cover, bolsters, and throw pillows).

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I think it depends if you're using one or the other in your home already, even sheets. I never buy white, always ivory, including towels in all 3 bathrooms, lampshades, candles, you get the idea. It sort of keeps me on track and avoids decision making. lol so I guess in a roundabout way i've given my opinion. ;)

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The finish is great. I vote ivory.

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Thanks. kitschyKitch! I love the hand-painted finish, which was a custom order, and the bed is really solid. Would definitely buy another Charles Rogers bed.

pattycakes - that's great advice and it does make it easier. Other than my DD's bedroom and bathroom, we have antique white and warm neutrals throughout the house. I just debated buying white towels for my bathroom because I like the "spa" feeling they lend to DD's bathroom, but decided to stick with ivory. (My daughter said Costco's ivory towels look like French vanilla ice cream - very pretty!)

cat_mom - thanks so much for the info. I'm glad the cover should be roomy enough to accommodate a mattress pad. Your skirt looks perfect on the daybed. I'll probably change the cover out for sheets too on those rare occasions when it's used for sleeping.

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Oh yes, it's more than roomy enough for our daybed mattress (seems roomy enough for a thicker mattress as well).

You should have seen me lying on the floor under the daybed on my back (!), while clamping the bed skirt fabric (the flat sheet looking part) to the bed springs/slats here, there, all over, in order to keep it from moving around when the bed is being used. DH got a bunch of mini spring clamps from HD for me to use, and they're pretty strong.

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Guess I'll need to make a trip to Cosco! Mine are all 6 years old, and while not 'shabbied', always like to have plenty of extras for guests. Two of my five kids come from out of state to visit(at the same time), as well as three grands. Mine are RL that I got at Macy's and probably not even available anymore, so need to find another brand anyway. Thanks for the heads up. ;)

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cat mom - great idea to clamp the bed skirt!

patty cakes - they're Charisma towels. Very soft and affordable. I waited too long to replace my towels, which had become very shabby!

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