Satin Or Semi-Gloss For JeldWen Interior Molded Panel Doors

gardenzDecember 11, 2009

Replacing all the interior doors in the house w/JeldWen pre-hung, molded panel composite doors w/ProCore insulation (so they're not entirely 'hollow'). We're getting them from Home Depot in the textured -woodgrain finish as opposed to the smooth, and they're already pre-primed.

All the instructions re painting these type doors says to use semi-gloss or gloss. I want satin! Satin doors w/semi-gloss trim. Called the company (and even their competitor: Masonite) and no one there could give me a logical reason why they both advise to use semi-gloss or gloss.

I'm guessing because they think doors usually get rough treatment and need frequent scrubbing/washing, that the semi-gloss or gloss will withstand washing better than the satin. But it's just me and DH and there's no little ones bashing their bikes into the doors anymore, so that's not an issue. Besides, like I said, I much prefer the subtler satin on the doors.

Do you think that could be their reason? All I wanted was to know if there was some technical reason as to why satin paint can't be used on these doors and no one seems to be able to give me a logical answer. I'm using Sherwin Superpaint, btw.

Anyone care to take a stab at this one?

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Yes, I'm sure that is their reasoning. Semi-gloss and gloss are more durable than satin. This logic is actually a bit old school though, as modern day acrylics are quite durable in any sheen. Satin is certainly fine. That's what I would use even with kids.

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Thanks, paintguy. I wish I could get that validation from the company or even from Masonite that makes a similar door. (Called them, too.) :( I mean, it's not a rocket-science question for the people who make the product, right?

Your explanation that modern-day acrylics, especially good quality like Sherwin Williams, are more durable than older or cheaper products makes perfect sense.

I've waited y-e-a-r-s to replace all my interior doors, and I really want satin finish. I don't want to have 12 passage/privacy & 6 sliders & bifolds "reflecting light" when the sun hits them because they're semi-glossed! Satin, IMO, on doors is way more classy. Semi-gloss on trim? Yes.

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I am having my Jeld-Wen Interior Molded Doors of 6 years painted again. Any difference in repainting them than with other doors. (I consider this the normal: slightly roughen up with sandpaper, prime with acrylic latex then 2 coats of acrylic latex eggshell)?

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Sounds perfect.

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Thanks for the input. For some reason I thought these type doors might need a special handling. Thank goodness they do not.

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why semi-gloss on trim? I now do satin on doors and all trimwork. I think the sheen as well as the color should match.

Not only that, sometimes if you change sheen, the color appears differently or is different. One time when I had trouble getting my chair rail (semi) to match the lower walls (eggshell), I learned that the color formula was actually different for the semi-gloss sheen. Once we (Ben Moore dealer and I) used the eggshell formula on the semi-gloss paint, all was well.

Enjoy your new doors.

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Satin on doors is fine....AS LONG AS you choose a good paint line!
For color/appearance-consistency, I'd use the same sheen on trim though.
Personally, 2 sheens meeting at a door would drive me nuts!


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