how to deal with these stucco issues....please help

gav_sharmaDecember 21, 2013

We are young couple in our early 30`s and we bought a 1965 home in santa barbara california. Home isn't in a very good shape and has lot of deferred maintenance. We have spent last 5 months updating the interior and now finally we are thinking of improving the exterior.

Here are a link to some photos

As you can see we have replaced all the windows and patio doors but the new stucco around the frame does not match the old wall color. Also, I have caulked multiple cracks all around the house. So here are my questions

1) How do I tell if the stucco has been painted before or not ? If it wasn't it would be much cheaper to do a fog coat of new La Habra Allegro 2 to change its color. It would be a easy DIY. If it was painted then I will need to get it sandblasted first or have to paint it instead. I prefer not painting as I think it will be higher maintenance in long run plus its more expensive as I don't think I can do a good DIY job on it.

2)I read somewhere that if you wet the stucco and it changes color then its probably not painted. IMG_1889 shows the wet wall. I can't really tell if this proves that its a stucco.

3) Some gables were removed during pest work and were filled in by cement as shown in IMG_1891 and IMG_1893. How do I smooth the surface before I paint ? Also as shown in IMG_1892 and IMG_1894 there was an area that was patched by previous owner. It was cheaply done and the surface is not flat and doesn't adhere with the stucco. How do I deal with this ?

4) There is a gap between the rafters and the wall as shown in IMG_1886. Should I fill that with some stucco patching compound ?

5)IMG_1901 shows that there is a gap between the wall above the garage and the wooden support above garage. Water can easily seep through this. Its wide enough that I can't caulk between it. What should I do there ?

6) IMG_1909 shows that there was a shed or a ceiling wall over the patio which was removed before I bought this place. There is still the steal metal bar inside the stucco poking out a bit. I would like to remove this or just temporarily hide it. What are my options ?

7) I have started to power wash the fence. I am planning to put a waterproof stain on it next. Homedepot sells Behr waterproofing stain and waterproofing wood protector. What is the difference between the two ?

8)IMG_1916 shows a gap in the bottom of the garage wall near the gas line. What`s that gap for ? Should I try to patch this or is this opening there for a good reason ?

Here is a link that might be useful: home pics

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