Finished: Dining Room wall decor (plates, lampshades, etc.)

valinsvMarch 19, 2013

Some of you may recall I had posted a few weeks ago about updating the wall decor in my dining room to incorporate some vintage plates from my Grandmas that I had been storing in a cabinet for many years but rarely used. I imagine some may think it's a tad busy, but it makes me smile every time I walk by and remember each of my grandmas in a special way. Thank you to all who weighed in with your votes and suggestions. It really helped!

This is what it looked like before:

This was my first attempt:

And this is what it looks like now:

I even managed to find a spot for the egg plate on an adjacent wall:

DH was not thrilled to have to remount the mirror in the vertical direction as it's quite heavy. He never really suggests that I replace perfectly good items with something new, but he kept asking, did I want a newer, smaller (and lighter) mirror or just keep it in the same orientation.

I felt like I also needed a different centerpiece for the dining table for spring/summer so decided to use a crystal bowl with lemons temporarily until I find just the right thing.

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Val, there's no such thing as too busy, is there? I love a room filled w/stuff, makes it cozy and interesting. I like your finished room, especially the plates closer together. The egg plate might need a couple of friends to keep it company~it looks as tho it's floating. Smaller plates would be ok too~do you have any thrift stores near you? I like the use of the lemons too~carrying the yellow to the table 'works'. I agree, re:the bowl. Something footed to raise them up would be ideal, even a cake plate. I recently bought a silver plate one for $3.98. Can't beat that! Check out your thrift stores for goodies. ;o)

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Annie Deighnaugh

Well done!

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I like the finished wall arrangement very much.

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Very fresh and lovely. I am learning a lot from what you did. I am amazed at the difference the mirror change made. I love how the colors in the room became so much more inviting with just the small changes you made. The doves are my favorite, though.

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The mirror looks more elegant hung vertically. I have noticed in a lot of posts that switching the direction of the mirror to vertical changed the look for the better, I am doing that with a mirror in my bedroom now. I love those no money improvements. I like the arrangement also.

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Oh, well done!

Looks great.

I am always thrilled to have a convert to the vertical mirror. Just because we can't live at Versailles doesn't mean we can't learn from it!

Make your husband a martini, put on some music and a little Chanel #5, and make him glad he went to the trouble... ;>)

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Looks beautiful! I like the doves too. :)

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That's a great before/after. Before, pardon me, it was dowdy. Now it looks sophisticated.

One nit though ... Id get rid of the runner on the table. I think its a little out of date and isnt laying right (most of them don't it seems!)

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oh it's lovely! well done! I love the spot for the egg plate too....

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It looks perfect now - what a difference in the arrangement of the same items!

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It looks great!
Nice spacing you used for the plates & framed prints around the mirror. I like the new shade color and the bowl of lemons on the table. The egg plate looks good in it's new spot, too.

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