Painting synthetic stucco?

dtchgrlNovember 1, 2011

Anyone have experience painting synthetic stucco (such as "Dryvit" or similar)? Our original color was probably too light of a selection from the beginning and after 13 years I think it looks washed out.

Some websites indicate that you can paint it with a regular, good quality 100% acryl)c latex exterior paint. However, makers of Dryvit also sell a product called "Revyvit" which is marketed for repainting synthetic stucco.

Using regular exterior latex paint would be much more convenient as I can buy that from several places close to home, and I can buy more reasonable sizes to use to sample various colors. From what I read online, the Revyvit is only availabe at special dealers (I emailed and left a phone message for our supposed local supplier and never got an answer) and seems to only come in 5 gallon sizes.

Although I suppose I could test the colors using regular exterior paint and then buy the final choice from the dealer if thats best.

Anyone have experience with this, or know what is better about the Revyvit?

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Brushworks Spectacular Finishes

What finish do you want to achieve? Sand finish or satin finish.

You should never use regular exterior paint on stucco or simulated stucco substrate. Elastomeric paint is the only acceptable paint for exterior masonry, stone, stucco, etc.. Revyvit is also an elastomeric paint.

Here is a link that might be useful: Choose Exterior and scroll through to find advice

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Thanks brushworks. It was actually info on that website that caused me to ask the question. In at least one area, they seemed to indicated that there were 3 choices (see cut and paste below) regular house paint, masonry paint or the elastomeric. I suppose its better to safe than sorry, and use the product made by the same company.


Can synthetic stucco [exterior insulated finishes systems, "eifs"] be painted to change the color? What type of paint should be used? What surface preparation?

Yes, EIFS is an excellent candidate for painting, in order to change color, refresh the appearance, and to enhance protection. Surface preparation is similar to that with stucco and other masonry surfaces: remove dirt, mildew, any loose sand (details are provided in the "Steps to Success" part of Use particular care if power washing, to not force water into joints and any cracks. Power washing should be done with plain water without cleaner or bleach added.

Use a quality acrylic or siliconized caulk to seal any cracks and openings. Allow the caulk to dry over night, and make a second application if necessary. Apply a masonry primer for best results (sheen uniformity, mildew resistance). Then use either a top quality exterior 100% acrylic house paint or masonry paint in a flat or satin finish depending on appearance wanted; or a 100% acrylic latex elastomeric wall coating, applied in two heavy coats.

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