Bianco Macabus Quartzite Help

larsonchFebruary 11, 2013

So I am building a new home with a builder. It's not fully custom, so I can only use one specific stone yard/fabricator. We really had our hearts set on this stone, but I'm not sure now that we have seen it. My concern is the "rust" looking spots and lines in the stone. The fabricator said he would work around the worst stuff where possible, but at the end of the day he can't guarantee it (he won't know for sure until the templates are created). I don't have much flexibility here. Have any of you gone with a slab that looks similar to this? Do you have pictures of the finished product? All of the slabs of this that I've seen on the internet have had much less vertical veining and "rust" spots.

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That looks beautiful. I have the same stone I think, although it goes by a different name. I don't see many rust spots on that slab, but it may be the photo. I had a few rust spots too. You can see a couple of them on my counters, but it isn't very noticeable. I quite like them actually. I think it comes down to if you really like the slab as is, and if it will work in your space.

My slabs did have less vertical lining than the pictured slab, but the parts of my counter that I like best are the sections with strong vertical or angled lines cutting across the horizontal lines.

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I think you should enjoy your beautiful slab!

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The slab is gorgeous! Sorry I don't have any personal experience to share, but I say go for it. I bet the fabricator will be able to work around most of the rust spots, and overall they don't overwhelm the slab now, so I can't imagine they'll be a major problem once cut and installed.

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I like the patterning on that slab. I only see rust near the top. I don't mind a little rust, but I would not want a lot (depending on other kitchen materials -- I'm trying to stick with cool tones).

I intentionally looked for slabs that have some vertical and/or diagonal lines breaking up the horizontal lines for interest. I am waiting for my slabs to be installed in a few weeks.

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Here is a shot of the installed quartzite with a view of a couple of the 'fractures' that I like so much:

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Everytime you post that picture sochi I end up wiping drool off my keyboard. Far and away, my favorite countertop that I've ever seen on GW. And Karbon faucet to add to my envy!

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@larsonch, this is beautiful! We're selecting natural stone now, bianco Macaubus is my priority pick. I love the colors, movement, and imperfections of nature's beauty. I hope you select and enjoy!

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sweetbeags - you might find that stone under a variety of names, including Quartzite Bianca and Luce di Luna.

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Here is a shot of my counter showing the largest rust spot I have (right side of the photo) - as I said, I quite like it. I wouldn't want most of the slab to be like that, but I do like a little of it.

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It's beautiful!

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