2 hand towel rings or double hook?

juddgirl2March 29, 2012

I'm remodeling my guest bathroom and before DH tears down the walls and reframes I need to decide where the accessories will be placed. Right now I need to decide where to put the handtowels - use 2 towel rings or hooks on each side wall or place a double hook on the back wall above the backsplash.

I'm using 2 rectangular mirrors over the double sink vanity. There will a sconce between the mirrors and one on each side wall, 1 towel hook on the small section of wall between the vanity and the shower (for DD to use while showering so she doesn't have to walk across the room to dry off), and 4 towel hooks on the longer wall across from the tub. No towel bars.

I think using hooks or rings on the side walls under the sconces and near the towel hooks. Maybe using a double hook on the back wall above the backsplash will be a cleaner look, similar to the setup in stephanie and tim's (gorgeous) bathroom here: 5 pictures down

What do you think?

Bathroom (before)

single towel hook:

double towel hook:

towel ring:


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Posted late last night. Meant to say I think using rings on same walls as towel hooks and sconces might look too busy.

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I don't know where they should go but I like it that you are fixing the walls to to handle the fixtures after the walls go up.

I have never had a towel ring but they look like they would be under a lot of stress & torque as one tries to pull the towel off, unless the ring swings left and right to accommodate the side pull. I like hooks and bars.

If you put a bar by the tub I would put one that was actually a grab bar for safety. They have many nice looking ones. I have seen chrome plated ones in several designs. As I was as my DS's house taking a shower and drying off while standing in the beautiful claw foot tub/shower, I needed some help with balance and I put my hand on some mounted shelving, not thinking. As I eventually wobbled I put too much weight on the shelve and down it came, braking the nice decorations that DIL had up. So, in my remodel I will have only grab bar worthy fixtures near the tub for safety :)

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enduring - thank you for the advice. Sorry about your near fall at DD's house! I don't have much wall space near the shower but a grab bar is a good idea, especially in damp, slippery bathrooms.

I think we'll plan for both options while framing and then choose after the cabinet, lighting and mirrors are installed.

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I don't really have an opinion, just a comment. For hand towels used at the sink, we fold them on the counter...no hooks, no rings. I do have a ring in the guest bath, but that's used just to dry washed hands so it never leaves the ring except to go into the laundry.

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fun2bhere - that's exactly what we do in our master. I'd like to free up the counter space in the second bath

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