Faucet for 30" Whitehaven

Tricia21February 20, 2013

Hi all,
I'm about to order the kohler whitehaven farmhouse sink and I want to start figuring out the faucet. We want a pulldown, single lever, arched faucet. I've never had a farm sink bf, and I was wondering if we needed to make sure it reached out enough meaning the arch came out a little more to make sure it covered the front of the sink. If anyone has a faucet they love with this sink or a similar sink, I'd love to see if/hear about it.


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I just bought the grohe bridgeford to go with my 30" farmhouse sink. I did a lot of research and I also wanted single handle pull down, but with 2.2gpm. A guy at a plumbing place liked the grohe because they are well built and he can always get parts for them so they work forever.I have friends with this faucet and the sprayer is great. If you get the eco "watercare" version the flow restrictor can be removed.)

The faucet just arrived (from ebay--that took guts) and it looks good.

The grohe is pricey, IMHO, but I liked some of the Moens as well. I think I liked the Lindley.


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We have the Delta Intrinsic for with the Kohler 30" Whitehaven.

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Mother of three sons-
Does the reach work for you or do you feel like you need more? I really like the look of this one...

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We have the Rohl country single lever. Perty thing. It was a bit finicky though - our GC had to figure out how to make it stop singing (made a strange moaning sound for the first few months). It's all better now, phew. But I am glad I got it because it's the extra-long reach one. The Whitehaven is deep back to front, and I'm tall. I can't imagine having a regular reach faucet. Not familiar with the other faucets. If I were you, I would research each faucet you're considering in terms of how far it extends out. I think mine is 11" (the regular is 9" I believe). Good luck!

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The reach is perfect. We put the same faucet on our 19" prep sink. Our former home had a Grohe Ladylux and it was a workhorse. One of the best features of the Intrinsic is the magnetic return.

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