Tuna Flakes/Bonito Flakes for cats

nhardyJanuary 23, 2011

Have any of you bought the Tuna flakes aka Bonito for your cats? Last week I ordered some from Thepaws.com. My cat loved them. They even smelled good to me. I'm trying to find out if any of you purchased them at an Asian grocery store instead of the pet store. I would order more from The Paws since they were on sale but I was hoping to save on the shipping. We have a few Asian grocery stores in town including one that has everything from everywhere called Global Foods Market.

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When buying anything which has a dramatically lower price you need to be sure it is not a knock off. Check the packaging carefully for printing errors. There is so much counterfiet stuff out there it is kind of scary. Buyer beware saving a couple of pennies may cost you more in the long run...good luck

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Just last week I purchased a small can of sardines, I meant to get anchovies, just hadn't tasted them in a while. Anyway I really didn't like them but my cats got a treats from it for about a week. I kept can in fridge in a sealed container for about one week. Those flakes sound like a good idea. I would never think that they could be "fake" stuff. Thats scary.

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I would be careful with any processed food from Asia. Who knows what is in it. It might be OK for humans but iffy for cats, who don't eat fish as a natural part of their diet anyway and are very sensitive to additives and "junk" in their food.

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The flakes are produced in Japan not China. The only thing that are in them is dried tuna. I'd like to find the ones that are dried mackerel. I'm careful what I feed my cats. I will not even feeding them any cat food that is beef flavored or tuna. If Congress would ever pass the law to prohibit beef by products in cat food, then I would buy them again. I wrote to Purina to beg them to stop put our cat at risk.

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There are many great canned cat foods that have no by-products or anything from China. They do not come from Purina, however. Most of them need to be purchased at pet stores or natural food stores.

I am afraid Congress has bigger problems than cat food. And Purina doesn't care, despite their advertisements. It is up to pet parents to find the good foods.

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I bought some of those better canned foods and I was told they were poop. My lonely guy smells it and then tried to cover it like it is poop. It goes in to the trash the next day. So back to Purina for canned food since the others are poop so says my guy. His favorite flavor of Wilderness is duck. Last month is was salmon. This the same cat when we had a boil water order I gave him bottled water. He refused to drink it.

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Well, I found them at Whole Foods too. They were Mackerel! No need to drive 8 more miles down the road to Global Food.

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@nhardy -- Cats try to cover their food instinctively - it has nothing to do with being "poop". Its a natural instinct cats have in the wild to save it for another day, or to cover the smell so as not to attract predators. Your cat probably just wasn't hungry.

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