Finished Kitchen Reveal -- Traditional Yellow Stained Cabs

taggieFebruary 14, 2012

I finally have pics of our new kitchen. We've been done almost two months now and are so happy with it. It's the perfect kitchen for us and works for the way we live.

Many thanks to the wonderful folks on gardenweb for helping design my kitchen. Some who helped overtly by making suggestions on the layout -- Rhome you probably don't even remember but I'll be forever greatful to you! And some who helped without knowing it by just influencing my choices -- buehl whose upper tray storage idea I used and who I think first introduced me to the sharp mw drawer, thynes who influenced by backsplash tiles, and many many more. Before gardenweb, I'd never even heard of some of the things we ended up putting into our kitchen, e.g., the refrigerator drawers as one example. I just love this site!

Prior to remodel, our stove was on a far wall across the aisle from water, while fridge and pantry were behind the island ... totally bass-ackwards and I felt like I was running an obstacle course every time I took a boiling pot of water from the stove, navigating over the dog and around hubby who was likely at the fridge getting cream for his coffee. The biggest change our remodel was switching the fridge and stove runs, and putting a second sink/beverage area which my husband can use while I cook and we aren't in each other's way now. Yay.

Cabinets: Local Custom Cabinet Maker (in GTA, Canada)

Fridge/Freezer: Kenmore Pros with risers & top/bottom trim kit

Range: Monogram ZDP484GPSS

Hood Insert: Monogram ZVC48LSS

Fridge/Freezer Drawers: JennAir JUD248C

Microwaves: Sharp 24" drawer KB6014MSC and Kenmore cheapie

Coffee Maker: Miele CVA4066

Trash Compactor: Kitchenaid KUCS03FTPA

Dishwashers: Kenmore Elite tall tub & Kenmore Elite drawer

Main Sink: Kindred couble offset (forget the model)

Bar Sink: Nantucket NS20

Faucets: Delta Waterfall & Delta Addison

Other Faucets: Insinkerator Hot at main sink, Insinkerator Cold at bar sink

Other Gadgets: Insinkerator Garbage Disposal, Hot Tank, Water Chiller

Backsplashes: Saltillo Tile las vegas and alaska

Tile floor: Astor 18s and 12s in hopscotch pattern

Chandelier & Pendants: Rona cheapies

Favorite things:

-- Coffee maker (I would marry it if I could, I love it so much :))

-- The workflow!! Finally, a kitchen that works!

-- Grill: took me a while to try this out, but have just used it 7 nights in a row now and it's fantastic

-- Remote mount hood control (it's just fun every time I turn it on)

-- Dog food drawer

-- DH's vitamin drawer (it looks a mess inside, but they used to get left all over the desk in our pre-drawer kitchen ... now everything stays in the drawer and the mess gets shut away, it's magic :))

-- Too many other tings to mention so I'll finally shut and post some pics now

Finally, a couple cool little extras our cabinet maker did for us:

Put niches in the back undersides of the island so we can keep our laptop cords there:

Made us these little 'shelf boxes' to raise smaller items in our glass uppers so they can be seen from floor level -- he stained the boxes dark or yellow to match the respective cabs, and it was a nice surprise for us as we weren't expecting these:

Did custom, movable drawer dividers - after the kitchen was installed he asked us which way we wanted dividers to go for each drawer (horizontal or vertical) then came back a couple days later with drawer dividers custom cut to wedge in tight, but we can unwedge and move them depending on what we want to store:

I love my new kitchen. Thanks to everyone on gardenweb for helping to shape it!

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Gorgeous, taggie! It's all so warm and inviting and I love all the clever things in your drawers and cabinets, especially the dog food drawer!! What a neat idea! I really like all the different wood tones too. Well done and congrats!

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Wow it's great in every way. Love the neat drawers for vitamins and dog food. I could use them both here. What a well thought out kitchen. It is beautiful and grand and just pretty as a picture! Great job! What is your countertop? Maybe I missed it. Congrats on a great job!

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Ooh, how stunningly gorgeous. That's the stove I'm getting, too, but not with that beautiful hood. I am pea green with envy over the fridge/freezer. I wish I had that space. Love the color combo and all the functionality you built in. Enjoy your new kitchen!

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What a great looking kitchen--great attention to detail, neat "extras" as well!

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Oh my, your kitchen takes my breath away!! The creamy yellow with the warm wood tones is so lovely. And your tricky organizers are fabulous!!!

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taggie, the functional details are stupendous, but the initial and enduring impression I got is that the space just glows.

Was that a deliberate goal from the outset, or did it just happen?

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Gorgeous!!! And what great features this kitchen is hiding behind all those doors and drawers!!!


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Beautiful! I have to say I love the dog food drawer most of all! Do you have a liner in the drawer? Does it have a lid? Just curious - I might have to copy that idea!

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Absolutely stunning! A wonderful blend of colors, symmetry and function. Great job Taggie! Enjoy your new kitchen.

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That kitchen is beautiful. what is the counter? I love the range wall. Those display boxes that your cabinet guy built are a great idea - I have some high display cabinets as well and my stuff is just sitting on blocks of wood but (just thought of this as I'm typing) I could paint them! Another great idea from a GW member - Thanks.

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Smashing! Function and design in perfect harmony.


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You guys are just the best! I had no idea how fun and exciting it would be to read your kind comments -- you've all just totally made my day. :)

pipdog & beekeeperswife, it's so nice to read your lovely feedback as I admire your styles so much and I know my kitchen is so different from your beautiful classic and clean lines. What a great community when we can all support each other no matter the style.

35ftcabo, you will love the stove! The simmer is great, the small oven fabulous, and the full extension racks are the bomb. Don't be afraid to use the grill -- I thought it would be a lot messier or smokier than it is, but it's not at all. It cleans up well with a wire bbq brush, and we haven't had to have the hood fan on higher than 2 out of 4 when cooking t-bones or pork chops. (which is just as well because 2 is loud and 4 is deafening on this hood!)

gr8day, thanks so much for your kind feedback. The counters are Caesarstone Chocolate Truffle ... knew I forgot something!

cat_mom and fouramblues, thank you, you made me smile.

honorbilt, what a kind comment. I didn't set out to have it glow, but the finish on the yellow cabinets does have a really nice sheen to it. The cabinet maker did a few different yellow samples, and I loved this color and finish. The lighting helps (and maybe my slightly-blurry picture taking technique, lol).

ayerg73, motherof3sons, blfenton, and darbuka, thank you, I really appreciate your thoughtful words.

ayerg73, the dog food drawer has a stainless steel liner. The cabinet maker had it made from a steel shop he works with. It can come out for cleaning, but we've already emptied it of dog food once and found it's easy to just wipe down in place so I don't imagine we'll ever take it out. It doesn't have a lid, we just close the door on it like that. (Our GSD hasn't complained of staleness yet so it must work.)

blfenton, thanks for your comments on the range wall - I agonized so much over that it wasn't funny but I like how it turned out too. Yes for sure you have to paint your blocks of wood! Even though they aren't often seen, it's nice when the cabinets do get opened to see them all finished like that.

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It's beautiful!!!

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I love the little functional details in the cabinets, and the whole space is just warm and beautiful. Enjoy!


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You're done, Taggie! That must feel so great.

What an elegant space! So much thought and care went into your new kitchen. The little extra touches and storage ideas are awesome. I'd totally steal the dog food drawer if I had a dog.

I'm so greenly envious of your Miele! Especially since my Gaggia super auto is on the fritz. Have a cup for me!

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Beautifully done and filled with inspirations for those of us in early planning stage! Thanks for sharing this.

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It came out great! I can't always match up the finished kitchen with the planning one, but I'm picking up all these details I remember and seeing how well they turned out. May your new kitchen know nothing but abundance and joy.

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Beautiful....that is the bar area of my dreams. Congrats!

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Lovely, warm, inviting...I just want to grab a cup of coffee from your fantastic coffee maker and sip it while you gush about all the great little details. So many fun customizations hiding behind all the beautiful woodwork!

Congrats on a beautiful and functional space!

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Very beautiful and inviting! I do love the coffee maker! What really is of note are the fine details and craftmanship! Enjoy for many years to come!

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Stunning kitchen! So well thought out. I love the beverage center, drawer organization...actually I just love EVERYTHING about your kitchen. Well done!

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What a warm and wonderful kitchen! Your cabinet maker is a details-man, such clever ideas he had (the lifts for the uppers, the cord-hiders). Wow, I love it and I know you'll enjoy it. Beautiful!

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That is simply stunning! And so functional in so many ways! Yours is definitely going to be an "inspirational" kitchen for me! I wish I could live there now!

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That is one beautiful kitchen! Everything about it is so functional, but stunning at the same time.
That is how yellow should be done! The colors work perfectly together.


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Beautiful! I love the yellow that brings such a nice happy warmth to the richness of the wood. I have to say that your cabinet maker is a rock star! What thoughtful details to make your kitchen even more special!

Congratulations and happy cooking!

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Debbi Branka

Your kitchen is beautiful and amazing! I love everything about it! Funny, I thought the dog food was pistachios! I thought - wow! that sure is a LOT of pistachios! I love the baking sheet drawer by the stove and cabinets over the fridge. Everything has a place - that's awesome! Beautiful!

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Beautiful, beautifully planned and so inviting that I got the urge to make a cup of coffee and sit down at your table. If only I had that coffee maker :( Enjoy.

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Congratulations, taggie!! Your kitchen is gorgeous and has such a warm and inviting feel!! You really did such an amazing job planning out each inch of your kitchen and you have some of the best drawers I've seen! Enjoy your great space!!

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Wow - what a lovely kitchen. I really love the yellow cabinets and the back splash. Enjoy.

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Taggie, What an elegant and beautiful kitchen! It looks amazingly well thought-out and efficient too...congratulations!
When I first saw the dog food drawer I thought how quickly my old GSD would have that open and empty in no time (he used to open the pantry door, unlock the rubbermaid bucket and help himself all the time); My female was much more polite and dignified (until she saw a squirrel, anyway!).
Thanks for sharing your kitchen and enjoy!

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Wow! What a gorgeous kitchen! I love all the well thought out details - your cabinet maker sounds like a real gem. Love how warm and inviting your kitchen feels. I'd love to hang out with a cup of coffee in your beautiful new space - Enjoy!

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Wow, it's like a room full of sunshine. Just beautiful! Didn't have time to look at all the details this morning but I'll look forward to stopping by later to take it all in. Enjoy your lovely kitchen!

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Incredible! How beautiful and functional.

Everytime I see a GW finished kitchen portfolio, I think how GW contributors could put together the BEST kitchen remodel picture book - better than anything I've seen in stores.

Thanks for sharing.

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cj47, total_remodel, and ilene-84, thanks for your nice posts, you've made my day!

codymaxx the planning is at least half the fun! make sure you post back with pics when you're finished.

plllog thank you for your kind wishes. :) And breezy, lol on totally getting a dog food drawer if only you had a dog! Ha ha ha.

mmhmmgood, clarygrace, mobydog, hsw_sc, legallin, kfhl, angel41, shelayne, bostonpam, laxsupermom, AnnaA, and lazydaisynot: thank you all so much for your lovely words, I appreciate you taking the time to post, and can't wait to show my husband tonight.

deb52899, lol, now I'll be craving pistachios every time I feed the dog.

aokat15, that means a lot coming from you with your fab drawers. Green with envy over your tray storage (and plllog's platter storage too!)

Kat3kits, OMG thank goodness our dog can't open drawers -- I never even thought of that. He actually can open our lever-handled doors but never did figure out the pull drawers. Whew!

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The two cabinet colors look so warm and rich together. And I, too, love the dog food drawer! Congratulations and enjoy!

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Very pretty, and I am going to steal the hidden power cord idea!

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Yet another fabulous yellow kitchen on Gardenweb!! It's gorgeous taggie, and with so many thoughtful and functional touches. I love the colors you've chosen. I think it'd be great if you shared cabinet/wall colors and stain details with us.

And I'm so delighted to see that you used the Saltillo metallic glass tiles. They look absolutely beautiful in your kitchen!

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What a lovely kitchen! I especially love your beautiful wood tones in both the island and the drink area cabinets. And your tile floor is just so warm and inviting--usually I don't notice the floors first thing. But I did, with yours.

Great job!

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Beautiful Kitchen!!! I really love it! : ) Congratulations!

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Very nice, I Really love that backsplash!

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This kitchen is awesome! It is so warm and inviting. What alot of thought that you must have put into this! Very nice.

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Taggie, your kitchen is so elegant and warm and inviting at the same time. I do not usually care for yellow, but I really like your mix of cabinetry. I love all the functional details (I just copied several of the photos to show my cabinet maker).

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Taggie, I love your kitchen so much. I love the floors, the counters (what are they), the dog food drawer, the trash pull-outs, the mix of cabinetry, the functional cabinets and drawers and all the space you have. The appliances are all so nice also.

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You must be in heaven in your new kitchen! Going from a poor layout to a functional and gorgeous space is a world apart.
Your bs is so pretty and sparkly.
Your cab maker sounds like a real gem. I bet he'd be thrilled if you posted on Angie's list how wonderful he was.....

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The cabinetry is just stunning! Wonderful craftmanship and the contrast between the light and dark. The floors, cabinets and backsplash are gorgeous.

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Thanks hlove, lazygardens, colorfast, 2LittleFishies, jlb1003, kaysd, and gsciencechick. :) And 2LittleFishies, I hope you get your yellow kitchen!

jterrilynn, I just saw your beautiful yellow cabinets on 2littlefishies thread -- they are gorgeous!! I am in awe that you could do those yourself, wow, wow, wow.

lynn2006, thanks, and the counters are Caesarstone Chocolate Truffle. Not the most 'chic' look going but I really like them. Plus they camouflage spilled coffee droplets and coffee cup rings and other messes perfectly. I wipe them at least twice every day and am always so surprised that the bar counter is as messy/dirty as it is because it never looks it!

thynes, I just love the backsplash! The one little bit of modern in what would otherwise be such an overwhelmingly traditional kitchen -- it just makes me smile. Soooo glad I saw your beautiful kitchen and your totally stunning range wall! I don't actually know what colors the cabinets are. For the chocolate ones he had a stain made to match the cabinets from our ensuite (where we added some of his additional cabs as well). For the yellow I started from a couple of BM chips and he had stains made from those, then played off one of the colors by lightening it a couple of shades I think. So I don't know what it ended up being close to. Also it wasn't just the color of the stain it was also how it was applied. The same yellow looked completely different when lightly sprayed vs. more heavily sprayed. So it was sort of trial and error until it was the color I liked in our lighting.

dianalo, thanks, and you are right that I should post about our cabinet maker. I don't think angie's list is a toronto thing (?) but there are a couple of sites including one called homestars that a lot of people up here use so I will post on those for sure. Thanks for the push!

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just beautiful! Can you tell me who did the insert for the dog food drawer? I am having a terrible time finding someone who understands what I want (which is exactly like yours but with a lift off lid) and my GC keeps saying "oh that will be really expensive".

By the way, my dogs (a Great Dane and a 75 lb mutt) are not nearly smart enough to open a drawer....

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Wow! Beautiful kitchen. You must be so happy!

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It's beautiful!

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Taggie, that's really impressive. It's all so well integrated and of-a-piece. It just *looks* like it flows well, as you say it does in reality as well.

Did your cabinet maker do the range housing too? It looks fantastic. May all your gatherings flow as smoothly.

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Your house is clearly a labour of love. I can just see the thought that went into each decision, from the Caesarstone to the dog food drawer, you were thinking of the people who would use that space. The results are really memorable. No random KD could do that, it had to have come from your heart!

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Hey, how fun to see my kitchen again, especially looking so clean and neat (I will have to get off my duff and do some cleaning tomorrow lol). Thank you all for the nice comments!

labpa, the insert was done by a steel fabricator in our (smallish) town. Our cabinet guy just gave them the measurements and they made it from that. It cost $200 so with a lid it might be a bit more, but that's not ridiculously expensive for the convenience of feeding a Dane AND and his 75 pound buddy. :-) Man how hated those big bags that always spilled kibble everywhere -- this is WAY worth it.

alaris, the range hood housing was done by the cabinet maker. I just showed him a picture and asked him to make it look like that ... and he did! He was so great to work with.

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taggie, thanks so much for the info. I too, have a Dane and a 75 lb mutt. Just posted for some advice on a backsplash for a difficult space with a link which includes pics of them on their custom made dog sofa! The dog food storage thing was actually the deciding factor in our decision to proceed with redoing the kitchen. Amazing that I make such large economic decisions based on my dogs....

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LOL, those economic decisions are totally understandable! We all do such crazy thing for our pets. Like how we'll suffer with the most horrible flu for a solid week ourselves without even thinking of seeing a doctor, but the second a pup gets so much as a watery eye we whisk them off the vet pronto. Ah well, they're worth it. :)

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your countertops are amazing!!! WOW Simply so stunning. May I ask what size your kitchen layout is? I think it would take up half my house :) LOL

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Thanks gingerjenny! It's 16 x 20 but we cheated by going all the way down to the end of the breakfast nook to get the length.

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What a great kitchen!!

I found your link by searching for Jenn-Air fridge/freezer drawers since unexpectedly that is what we're considering for our new kitchen.

I was hoping you could share how you're liking them so far? How is the insulation (do you notice a lot of cycling) and also the noise factor?

I had planned on going with the 27" subzero but was disappointed today to learn at the showroom that the inner dimensions on the SZ are very small. . The lower SZ freezer drawer is so shallow (6") as to make it practically useless.

The showroom had a JennAir also on display and it was pretty shocking how much more space the JA had in both drawers.

Also did you have any problems making your cabinet panels flush with your other cabinetry?


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I agree, what a gorgeous kitchen. I just spent a few minutes scrolling back and forth looking at all the special things you had done. I love the divided cabinets and the boxes your builder put in to raise the smaller items. Very cool.

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Fantastic! Love the dog food drawer! That's a great idea! Enjoy!

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gbsim, we do like the JennAir drawers a lot. They weren't our first choice either; originally we were going to go with 2 fridge drawers but we decided near the last minute that we wanted a freezer drawer and this JennAir model was the best choice.

One thing that gave us some pause was the lack of movable dividers. Since we keep bags of milk there for smoothies I was initially against these drawers since I figured the milk jug would tip over. But function (the deep freezer drawer and ice maker) won out and I just bought little container/dividers to go inside the drawers to keep it organized. Works perfectly.

We haven't noticed much cycling and the temperature is good. I'm not sure about the noise. It's not something we've ever noticed but that's not saying much as we usually have the TV or stereo going and appliance noise isn't something that usually bothers us. I don't think they're loud though; I notice the dishwasher but have never noticed the fridge/freezer drawers.

No problems making the cabinet panels flush; they just took the exact same drawer front thickness as the rest of our drawers.

One thing I really like about these drawers is that they give a loud beeping noise if the drawers are open more than about 60 (I think?) seconds. That has saved us I don't know how many times! The rest of our drawers are soft-closing, and many times we've just sort of pushed these ones lightly and walked away, unconsciously applying the same pressure as for a standard drawer. Of course that leaves the fridge or freezer ajar, and instead of coming back to melted ice or sour milk, the beeping saved us countless times. That might be a standard feature on all fridge drawers, I don't know. It wasn't something we checked out in advance but it's definitely something we appreciate now.

Good luck and have fun with your remodel.

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So lovely! Count me in as another one who wishes she had seen that dog food drawer 3 months ago! I would have copied it, for sure! We have a boxer and just put in a roll out tray that will hold her dog food storage bin..the drawer would have been more functional for sure...damn it! ;-)
So many great extras! Well done!

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Thanks taggie!
I'm not sure if the jenn air drawers are identical to the Kitchenaid and hadn't been able to find much info on them.
I came to a quick turn around on my choice when I was able to compare the size of the lower drawer in the JA with the subzero. And I love subzero so it was something for me to back away from that choice!

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Hi Taggie I love your beautiful kitchen. Can you tell me how tall your ceilings are? Also how is the main sink area working out for you across from the range? I am considering moving my dishwasher to the island. What is the distance between the cooking area and the island area? I love your range hood.

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Taggie - Beautiful kitchen - I was scratching my head as I thought I missed this kitchen then realized it was March 2012.
Hope you are still loving that kitchen - love the details - how fun, functional and beautiful!

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Wow!!! Don't know how I missed this reveal the first time! So glad it came back up. I don't even know how to begin.....breathtaking! AND so functional. Must be wonderful to be finished and have such a warm, inviting place to cook, eat and live. Even cleaning up would be fun in this kitchen. Congratulations! Enjoy!

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Beauty and Function. Great Job!

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Wow really sums it up. What kind of wood is on your island and what color is it stained? I am looking into wood doors in my livingroom and that color is exactly what I have in mind.

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Oh boy, yay, what fun to have my kitchen come up again after all this time.

madeyna, the stain is a chocolate brown but not sure the exact shade. The cabinet maker started me with a some door samples to take home and we went from there. He custom mixed his stains so didn't give the names of them other than that they were chocolates.

a2gemini, yes I am still totally loving the kitchen. Can honestly say that if I had a blank slate today I would pick all the exact same choices ... except for one of the dishwashers. Okay, and *maybe* I would be tempted to try a silgranite sink since everyone raves about them so much, but that's it. :-) So happy with everything.

sanjuangirl, audreyamelia, and rikerk, thanks for your nice comments too! You guys have all totally made my day!

rikerk, the ceilings are 9'. LOVE the island sink across from the range. The aisle width is exactly 42" from counter overhang to counter overhang (about 45.5" from cab to cab as the overhangs are 1.75"). The range oven handles & dw drawer handles protrude out a bit as well so it's 37" from handle to handle at the narrowest point. The aisle width works perfectly. Just enough to have the appliances and opposing drawers open without touching each other, but not too wide that a pivot from prep to range isn't comfortable too. A couple pics below so you can see the width better. (and good luck with your remodel!)

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based on what I saw in the lighting showroom my electrician...
Anyone have Cambria Seagrove? Or Summerhill?
I have been GW lots lately trying to decide on countertops....
Lily Spider
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