What goes with mouse's back?

mebryNovember 1, 2010

Hi all - I'm a regular in the kitchen forum, but now have some paint specific questions. I'm ready to put up samples and need some advice on complementary colors.

We have gutted and are rebuilding our kitchen which will open to a new family room/sunroom. That area has vaulted ceiling with exposed rafters & tongue & groove & is full of windows & french doors onto the backyard. Lots of wood trim in family room and deep cove molding throughout the kitchen. Cabinets run all the way up to 10 ft ceiling. We have dark stained HW floors, an island, & 2 walls of cabinetry. Countertops will be calacatta gold marble.

I am leaning toward F & B Mouse's Back for the island and want to pair that with a lighter, creamier color for the other cabinetry. What do you think of Lime White (too green?) or White Tie?

Also need to decide on wall & trim color. Would you paint the walls an even lighter color than the cabs & use the cab color as trim? I also like Fawn as an option for something. It is somewhat between the whites & Mouse's Back. I like the idea of darker trim with a lighter wall, but not sure where that puts me with the cabinets & with ALL the other trim throughout the 2 spaces.

Sorry to ramble - I am getting obessesed! TIA for any insight or opinion you can offer!

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We've just finished our kitchen and the island is in farrow and ball olive green - the units in mouse's back and the walls Stony ground, window frames in Tallow. Have a look..

Here is a link that might be useful: Wiltshire Farmhouse blog

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I considered mouse's back for all my lower cabinets but it has a yellow undertone which looked a bit "poopy" in our light.

Went with Dauphin, close but a richer color that also happens to blend really well with stainless appliances. My walls are Stony Ground. Trim is White Tie.

That combination works really well together IMO. I was able to match glazed tile to the SG as well. Used the same colors for the adjacent dining room.

Darker trim can be beautiful but it's mostly used in period houses. It will advance visually so to go with that it should be amazing woodwork I think.

F&B colors are fabulous and I love their changeability. They have held up beautifully (a year later) especially on the cabinets. But they are not easy to work with because of the various undertones.

I used White Tie for all our trim throughout (1924 apartment). It is warm with a red undertone which is completely invisible except in a north-facing room painted in Skylight (a pale blue). There, the blue pushes the woodwork and gives it a pinky cast -- I'm repainting that room Stony Ground.

F&B has a color coordinating function on their website which can be helpful to an extent but the light in the space should be the real guideline for what works since that influences the color shifts most.

Here is a link that might be useful: Dauphin, Stony Ground, White Tie

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Thanks for the help!

Wiltshire - your colors are gorgeous! I need to get a sample of stony ground, I think.

I am running into same problem as you, rococogurl - now that I have mouse's back on MY wall it is too brown, I will try the dauphin. I also found a really dark BM - Roosevelt Taupe that looks good, but a different look. White Tie is beautiful, and I am thinking about that on my cabs. Just worried it might be too creamy for the calacatta, but we'll see. Have lots of great woodwork in the room & sunroom that opens onto the kitchen, that's why I'm thinking about going darker with the trim, but not totally sure.

Thanks for your help!

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White Tie will be gorgeous on cabinets. It should go with Calcatta but smart to match it to the slab. I took my paint swatches to the stoneyard. My marble is less figured & gold-y than calacatta.

Another compatible color with these is Shaded White. I used it in our foyer and living room which are open to the Stony Ground room. BUT that one is their most changeable and it can flash sort of watery green-gray and it can have a slight violet undertone -- it will change completely also depending on the lightbulbs. But mention in case.

If you're going with dark woodwork F&B should have many good choices, too. I'm really happy with the surface of their eggshell.

Your project sounds lovely.

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