Paint is cracking

eekimNovember 11, 2010

What is happening to this paint? It is cracking and coming off the walls. Paint was applied about 18 months ago and the structure is about 60 years old. It's unknown what is underneath since the current owner bought it about 2 years ago.

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Tell us a little more about the orientation of these wall pix...
* Is it happening in only 1 room?
* How many walls affected?
* Are any cracks on exterior walls?
* Upper-level or lower?

COULD be a moisture issue...

It's in the right time period for lathe & plaster walls.
If it's widespread, I'd be tempted to just tear out the plaster and re-sheetrock. You'll get a better wall!!

OR...keep knocking the chips off the wall 'till you get to sound areas, prime with Gardz, re-skim/sand the walls (HIRE this done...DIY-ers rarely get it smooth enough-sorry!), prime again, and repaint.
>>> This is no guarantee that it won't happen again however...since you're leaving the native plaster up! It may start failing in new areas.
>>> TIME-wise...beleive it or no...just a quick demo and re-rocking will usually be faster, and provide flatter walls.


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All the photos are of one wall. There are some faint diagonal lines in the top right of the first photo, that is the crown molding. The homeowner painted everything the white color. The two next photos are close ups of the two major chips in the first photo.

All the houses here are attached, so while it's an exterior wall, it's right up against the wall of the next house.

Cracking is only on this wall. This room has a window facing appx 10 deg north of west. This wall faces north.

The structure is appx 3/4 mile from the Pacific Ocean.

The is on the second level. Right below the room is the unfinished garage. Exactly opposite the wall is the kitchen about 12 ft away. No floors above.

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You might want to cross post on the Old House forum for advice on working with plaster.

Here is a link that might be useful: Old House Forum

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Looks like a calcimine-related bond failure.

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