Window painting in cold weather

novice_diyNovember 23, 2008

Starting Nov 28, we are having 29 Loewen wood windows installed in our house near Toronto, Canada. The temp around that time will be slightly above 0C or 32F. The exterior of the windows will be factory primed. Since these are all wood windows, protecting them from the elements is vital. Can somebody tell me from his/her experience which one is the best option.

1. Since the exterior of the windows are primed, is it possible to leave them without a coat of paint until spring of next year? Is the factory added primer adequate to protect the wood for next 5 months?

2. Or have them painted first in the heated garage and install them after the paint dries. This will leave some scratch marks during install process, but may be good enough for now.

3. Or have them installed and them put a coat of paint as is usually done. From what I have read in this forum, this may not work well because of the cold weather and will be needing a touch-up in the spring anyway.

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Sherwin Willimas has a few paints that are good down to 35f. I would check them out.

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Option #2...Definately.

#1)...After ~30 days, even the best primers (which factory priming rarely is...) are too dried-out to hold paint.
You'd have to clean/re-prime in the spring.

#3)...Duration may be OK (at best) down to 35deg., BUT...surface AND air temps need to be above this for hours after application for the binders to even start to chemically set up and "grip".

If you can swing option #2...DO IT!
Ideally...2 finish coats on the primer, but see what's included in your contract(s).


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Brushworks Spectacular Finishes

The factory primer will protect for 5 months.

In spring, sand the surface lightly if needed and wipe it clean. Then coat with two full coats of Duration. Duration is self priming and will adhere to any clean, dull surface.


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Hi Michael!
(Thought you'd "semi-retired" from the forum!)

I'll have to respectfully disagree, to a degree, with the statement of primer protecting for 5 months.

Per the link below...

Sure, the primer will protect the wood...briefly...but after a winters'-worth of cold, ice, dirt, & grit, it's gonna be too dried-out to recover much "grip". Even if sanded...

Plus...the difficulties of resanding, cleaning when they're on the house.

Just MY thoughts anyway...;-)


Here is a link that might be useful: PQI info on priming...

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Brushworks Spectacular Finishes


that is why I recommended Duration Exterior. It's self priming formula will adhere to any clean, dull surface.


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Thanks everybody for your suggestions and inputs. As suggested, I am having them painted in-doors before they are installed. The windows were delivered on the 28th, the painiting starts on Monday, 1st of Dec. The installer estimated that it would take him two days to put two coats of paint on them. After a few days break the actual installation starts on Friday, 5th of Dec. Hopefully by then the paint will be dry enough. We have selected Benjamin Moore (BM) 2143-40 (Beachside Green) on Acrylic latex soft gloss base. Hope it is a good choice.

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