Splitting a package of Frontline Plus.

Bumblebeez SC Zone 7January 24, 2012

I can't believe it's taken me this long to learn a big money saving tip. I have 2 small dogs, 17 lb and 21 lb. and for several years have been spitting a medium dog dose....

But Now, I just realized an extra large dose only costs a few dollars more and I can get 4, maybe five doses out of it.

So, I now have a package carefully taped and stored for next month.

I make lines with a sharpy on the package to help know how much for each dog.

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Frontline doesn't need to be given every month unless you have an active flea infestation. It's good for up to 90 days (see label on box.) Most apply every other month during flea season.

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

We have many wild acres here and practically no cold weather so they do need it. (70 today) Theoretically, it should be that way, but I can tell when the thirty days more or less are up, they start scratching and stop after getting Frontline.
And ticks are a big issue.

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I live in snowy cold maine and I use it very 30 days..Fleas live inside in your rugs..

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we do it too, in the summer months when fleas can be a problem. Saves a ton of money. I just share one tube for 100+ lb dog between our two 50# dogs.

It's a good tip to pass along!

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You can do the same with cats. Get the largest package available and then pull up .8 on a 1cc syringe. Make sure you don't use the enhanced Frontline. Compare the labels to ensure you are getting the same ingredients in the cat and dog forumula so you don't kill the cats.

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

I tried the syringe once Hiw, and was fumble fingers with it. So, far, marking the package has worked better for me.

What is enhanced Frontline?

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