Stolen puppy in Milw. -- returned !!!

toomuchglassJanuary 17, 2013

Thank Goodness McGyver was found and returned to his owners !

Remember in Dec ..... in Milwaukee .... a lady was walking her pit bull puppy , she got attacked and they stole the dog . He's been missing and the owners were heartbroken .

He's been returned ! A stranger on Facebook started an effort to find him. You'll have to read the article - it has more of the story .

Here is a link that might be useful: Puppy Returned !

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oh that is a fantastic result for the family and especially mcguiver! I can only imagine the worry and stress the family must have gone through not knowing where he was or how he was being treated, or what he may be being used for. Thank god so many people got involved and made this happen so he could be back where he belongs. What an emotional story.

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what a relief, who knows what the dognappers intentions were. Happy ending!

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There was a similar story in New York City about a month ago. Someone stole a little girl's new puppy. They did a story on local TV, calling him a "grinch". Days later, a woman (who had NOT seen the TV coverage) saw a bum on the street selling a dog she knew was a purebred. It didn't look right to her, a bum with an expensive dog, so she immediately bought the puppy for $200 cash and brought him to her vet and he had a micro-chip. So the little girl got her dog back thanks to that Wonderful Lady!

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Thank goodness!

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Our community really came together to find this puppy. I had very little hope at all that they would get him back. I was just shocked when they did. It's so sweet to read their FB page about how he was opening his Christmas presents and how happy they are that he's home. Thank God for the people that bought him and then turned him into the police, and thank God for that lady in NY.

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