my neighbor's dog.

auntyaraJanuary 22, 2014

My neighbor has a small farm. a few chickens, ducks, turkeys... And a dog to guard them. Well kinda.
His dog thinks he's lassie and loves everyone in the whole wide world. everyone!
He has been taken to the pound a few time because well meaning people see him walking in the grass, down the street and just assume he's lost. He'll jump into any car that stops and opens the door.
My neighbor works 2hrs from home and my son picks him up when this happens. The dog loves my son like he's god and refuses to go home. He'll go home for a few minutes but always sleeps at my house. (neighbor wants us to adopt him)
We love this dog and we let him do his thing. he visits certain people and they keep dog biscuits for when he does. I consider him the neighbor hood dog.
Here's the huge problem. He walks in the grass along the road and dramatic people tell lies about him.

I've had 2 different people claim that they picked him up off the highway. I said wow he was on 84? and they admit well no but he was on the ramp. On the ramp??? well no not on the ramp but he was heading that way.

I'm so sick of well meaning dog lovers exaggerating. One of his favorite families (they have a little 9 yr blind child) live near the ramp. This dog would not go on the highway. He's way to smart for that.

OK right about now some of you may be getting upset. I don't blame you one bit. I used to get mad as all heck myself!!! How could he let his dog just walk around practically in the street like that?

Well this dog is amazing he looks both ways before crossing the street and is almost human like.
He seems to love the elderly / kids of special needs the most.
Because he thinks my son is his savior, he picked us over his owner.

2 weeks before Christmas he went missing. Half the the neighborhood was worried. We put up posters, posted on CL, posted on FB posted on lost and found pets in the Hudson valley, called shelters in 2 states. everything we could think of. Nothing. we almost gave up hope. 38 days after he went missing the person who took him contacted a friend of my daughter. Long story short we got him back. The person took him because they claimed he was on the highway. Then they changed it to... well not on the highway, he was on the ramp heading to the highway... Really?? well...
I'm so happy he's back but I keep thinking I want to punch them in the face!
We all were so worried. And they claimed he wasn't wearing a collar. I could hear by the tone of their voice they lied about that too. ( conversation was on the phone) I thanked them earnestly and profusely for "finding" our dog.
Again I sent my son to go get him at their house. Well the person lectured my son and said to keep him on a chain because he ran away from them 3 times already. My son politely explained the dog lives near the ramp and thinks he's Lassie.

As you can imagine the dog was crying at the sight of my son and I hope it broke their hearts to see what they did to this dog and a sweet teenage boy.
When he got him home he cried and jumped all over me too. It's been 2 days and he's finally acting some what normal again, but wont leave the yard. He's afraid to go to his owners house. They broke his spirit. It's like he's been shell shocked.

I know they saw the signs in the local deli and they stole him the day he went missing for spite. He's a huge white dog that sheds hair like nobodies business. They got tired of cleaning up after him.

Seriously if they were thinking in the dogs best interest, why didn't they call the local shelter or the dog catcher? (who of course knows and loves the dog) Heck the freaking mayor knows the dog.

I'm trying to let the whole thing go and I know that "liars have to live with their lies", not me. But it gets me so upset that they would do this. I didn't tell anyone in the neighborhood, they just know he's home safe and sound.

sorry I just had to rant!!! And you guys don't know me, so you wont spread gossip in a small town. Neither will I.
thanks for listening.

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I once saw a photo taken of a cat that was frequently believed to be "lost" whenever he hung out in a park near his house. The cat had a collar with the usual license tag, but that wasn't enough for people who were concerned. So, the owners put an additional tag on the collar that read, "My name is Clarence. I live by the park. I'm not lost." I believe it had their name and phone number on the back.

Maybe you could add a tag like this to "Lassie's" collar?

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Thanks Jewel,
he did have a collar on with his name address and my phone number. They took him anyway. His next tags will say his name and that he's not lost, but on a mission from God. Oh and I'm getting him micro chipped too. :)

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Wow. Some crazy people in this world. Good luck keeping your dog safe.

We had a neighborhood dog when we first moved here about five years ago that was so awesome. Everyone loved him, especially my daughter, who was then about 4-5. He suddenly disappeared and we happened to speak to the owner, who was chasing a new puppy. She said he'd been adopted by somebody in the next town, because they couldn't keep him confined. I tried a few times to see if we could contact the new owner and visit, but was ignored. My daughter cried herself to sleep at times over that dog for quite awhile. I'll never forgive those jerks.

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I will probably get ragged on for saying this too, but I have a friend in dog rescue who is very adamant about "stray" dogs. She picks up any and all she sees that may be just walking down the street in any town she drives through. And when she picks them up she either takes them to her house or gives them to a rescue group right away to be adopted out. One time I asked if she ever considered that maybe the dog jumped the fence or got out a gate? and wouldn't its owner be heart broken to never see it again. She really never answered me. I guess she means well but still.

When I was a kid, there was always a neighborhood dog that everyone looked out for, fed snacks to, or knew where the elderly owner lived. But I realize streets and highways weren't nearly as busy with traffic as they are now. I remember a little rat terrier in particular named "Bounce", so called because he always ran on just three of his legs - all the years I remember him. There was a "Tanker" and a "Hot Rod" too over the years. Hot Rod got his name because, well, he could run as fast a hot rod!

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I got so sentimental that a tear came to my eye. Sorry OT.

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The problem is this case is not that people tell lies.

The problem is that the farmer and you have not settled on who will the dog live with.

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The other problem is that the dog is allowed to run loose.

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spedigrees z4VT

The simple solution is to adopt this dog from the farmer, who by your account is willing to agree to this arrangement. Fence in a safe yard for this dog with secure fencing so that one of your doors opens out into the fenced yard to let him in and out easily. If your dog should get loose, at least he is streetwise and less likely to be hit by a car, but you should be keeping him safe at home. Also be sure he is always wearing his city/town dog license, rabies tag, and an identification tag with your name, address & phone #. It sounds as if you are quite fond of this dog, so why not take the final steps and do right by him? He sounds like an awesome dog.

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One of these days that dog will get hit by a car and everyone will feel really bad....

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In this day and age, in the suburban areas where I live and drive, no dogs run free. I always try to corral a loose dog. I would call the number on the tag, though.

Once, when a friend had found a loose dog in a more old-fashioned neighborhood, she called me and asked what to do about it. I called the county dog shelter to ask and during the conversation was told that here, someone who finds a dog and does not turn it in or at least give animal control the info about the dog and where it can be found if its owner calls, is actually guilty of theft.

Does your family have time to take the dog on its rounds a day or two a week, so that he could be safe? A day or two a month? Does another one of his fans?

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The problem is not the people who pick the dog up off the's that the dog is left to run free.

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Interesting that the OP & her son is doing the same thing as the people she's complaining about (i.e. claiming the neighbors dog as theirs).

"They broke his spirit and is afraid to go to his owner's house" - uh, no, it just sounds like he's confused about which home is his. I know I was confused reading it - I can only imagine how the dog feels!

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If you let your animal roam, embrace these possibilities:

1. It will get killed by a car.

2. It will get taken by a coyote

3. It will get hurt (see above #1 and #2), crawl away and die.

4. Someone with sense will figure the owner does not take proper care of the dog and then decide to keep it to save it from above #1, #2 and #3. They will give it a safe home.

5. It will disappear cause unknown. (See #1 - #4).

Whatever happens, the so-called owner is responsible.

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