Where are Ticor sinks manufactured?

tko_in_flFebruary 5, 2008

I've read all the raves about Ticor sinks...but I did see one comment about how they are made in China and that is why they are so cheap. Does anyone know if this is true? Also, has anyone had one for awhile? Would be curious as to whether the quality has remained high.

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"I think they are US made. Since I live in Canada and ordered from GTS in Chicago I would've been charged a duty fee on anything NOT made in North America. I wasn't charged duty, just shipping and UPS fees."
That was going to be my original post but I just looked at my sink (sitting in the LR STILL!!) And it states 'made in China'. What a shock......I wasn't charged duty!
As I said, mine is still in the box but it sure looks like heavy duty SS and the counter top guy doing the quartz template sure thought it was........and he installs MANY in very upscale 'ritzy' communities, so I'm confident it will withstand our families use for many years. And it sure looks nice too LOL.
; )

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Any chance there could be lead in them??? ;-o

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These sinks seem to be a pretty popular choice (from the comments on this site) ........hopefully someone else will chime in with some follow-up/research. Maybe GTS will have more info!

Here is a link that might be useful: galaxy tool supply

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We've had our Ticor 1-3/4 two-bowl SS sink since April 2007. It looks great! 16 gauge SS is 16 gauge SS, and the finish is smooth and flawless. I'm so glad we didn't spend a $ton$ on a "name" sink.

As to the lead content...I rarely lick my sink, on purpose. (I limit my lead intake by swigging wine from crystal glasses.) Smile.

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Just kidding Teedup! We've heard so much about recalls from items made in China b/c of excessive lead content that I just couldn't resist!

Hmmm....leaded crystal?? ;-)

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I guess the China connection does get everyone a little skeptical these days! When my DH mentioned to our KD that we were looking at a sink from China, he recommended we not go that route and stick with a European-made brand. He has suggested a very reasonably priced Ukinox, which is made in Turkey and he carries in his showroom...

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There is a Ticor mining company based in Australia with global operations. I wonderif they own this Ticor sink line, or if the line is manufactured by someone who just co-opted the name Ticor.


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not sure where they are made but the box and paperwork mine came in had C-Tech on it

it was 2005 when i purchased it

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Looked up C-Tech which is C-Tech-I in South Carolina, their
site claims they are mfrs. of "luxury sinks." However, that seems to refer to the design process; they do not mention where their sinks are made.

Had an interesting conversation with Dino owner of Rachielle sinks, a custom 16-gauge line who has found that all sinks are made in China these days (his are not--strictly in house U.S.). His research led him to say that Elkay does good quality control in China in their own factory with their own people (I quote Dino). Not knowing where Ticor is made, I opted for a Rachiele stainless sink
because the measurements were what I was looking for and his web site gave enough info for my husband Mr.Cautious to trust the mfr. process. We are not designing to sell, however; we are building a family home to last 'til death do us part!

Here is a link that might be useful: Rachiele sinks

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I don't know about Ticor. I just bought a Vigo stainless steel farmhouse/apron front sink w/ the matching grid 16 gauge, 304 Series stainless steel. I verified it is made in USA at http://www.stainlesssteelkitchensinks.org/vigo.html. Surfing the web, I got the deal for $370 total for a 33in 1 bowl sink w/ sink grid. I read very good reviews about the sink at different sites & all recommend getting the grid. I have cast iron & aluminum clad cookware so I got the grid.

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Rachiele, LLC

I hate to do this, but I have to correct an earlier comment. Lilatova may have misunderstood my comment on a phone conversation. I may have said that the majority of stainless sinks are made in China these days, however there are a significant number made in Canada, the US and Europe. I just wanted to clear that up. Julien, made in Canada, I consider to be the finest quality stainless sink on the market.

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This was discussed a few years ago (5?) here, when I was planning my kitchen. Everyone seemed pretty sure they are made in China, which is why I didn't get one. I have found, generally, that whenever it is NOT made clear where an item is manufactured - either by ignoring origin altogether, or fudging it by saying "designed in Italy" or similar, then it's made in China.

I tried to stick to North American and European products, because I wanted to know workers were getting a living wage, and had good safety standards.

I have a Kindred sink (now owned by Franke), which is made in Canada. It's excellent, and pretty affordable compared with some.

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Very happy with our Ticor sink a few years in. Don't know where it was made.

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Mine are 3 y old. I'm very happy with them. Don't know where they are made. When I was shopping around, they offered the best design for the lowest price.

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