Paint Color Mix Up?

Mugsy42November 29, 2012

In the process of remodeling my kitchen that is attached to my family room. The old faux finish had to go with the orange oak cabinets.

My new cabinets are Alder with a dark brown stain with common walnut floors. My KD and I had picked a taupe beige to carry through both spaces. It seemed to work with everything. The color was BM Ashen Tan.

However the paint guys ordered by number and got BM Annapolis Gray. While not a horribly different color, it truly reads more gray than I am comfortable with. It also has green undertones. I think.

Does anyone know how different these colors actually are formula wise? Any advice? Of course, I would like them to paint again, but I sense some push back on this from my contractor. And my husband just wants it done. If I had liked the color, I don't think I would have noticed.

Cross posting this to the kitchen forum to see if there are any experts there. Thanks so much.

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That's a shame. Who mixed it up? I think they should take care of the problem if you don't like the color. Try living with it a little while though. What does your decorator think?

Before repainting everything though, do one wall. You might find you don't like the correct color anyway. They often turn out different than expected.

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So did the paint contractors mix up the order? And they are not being very cooperative? Seems strange, their messup, they should redo it in the colour you ordered at no extra cost to you - that is my opinion.

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Those numbers aren't even similar, so not sure how your paint guys could "order by number" and get that mixup.

If your paperwork specifies either the paint color name or formula number, I'd tell them to correct the problem ASAP. They can eat the cost and be more careful in the future.

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I guess they should have verified the color id before applying even if SW made the error. I had a bad mix at SW but they only reimbursed the paint, of course.

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I was lucky. One Benjamin Moore store messed up my deep raspberry Natura Paint - never cured and is still sticky. My big issue is that I paid professional painters $200 to paint that one room and why should I personally have to pay them to paint again when it was BM's fault. Another Benjamin Moore store manager took up my cause to the regional rep and they made me up a new can of that paint and gave me a bunch of other free cans of Aura Matte which I was using to paint the rest of my house to make up most of the labour costs to have the room repainted.

So hold your ground IMHO. You should not accept the wrong colour, nor pay for the correction.

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Your Benjamin Moore Store should be able to tell you the
difference in the formulas. My local BM retail guys tell me
the formula of paint colors I am interested in when I ask. They
just look it up on their computers.

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I think a bad base is different than color mix ups because the painters really should check to make sure the color is the correct one before actually painting. On the other hand, if a paint store gives you a faulty batch of paint, they should surely reimburse the damages. Some people pay thousands for their painting. That happened to someone else, where there was some sort of a problem with the paint itself (per SW, lots of complaints) and it remained sticky. How did you deal with the non-curing paint so you could paint again?

Mine was a dumb color match. No one, including myself, verified it was a correct match. They blamed my painter for not showing it to me on the wall first and said they never check when it is in their formula base. (I wasn't asking for labor, I just couldn't believe how different the color was from the swatch and she reimbursed the cost of the paint which was $100.)

I check carefully now and find the samples are frequently quite different. They tell me it is because it's a sample or quart size instead of a full gallon. But the first one this happened with was a gallon and it was not a custom match, although it was an acquired brand. It's happened at BM also, where the sample pots were completely different even for their own colors. They were dumbfounded and claim it rarely happens. But there I was with 3 out of 4 sample pots or custom quarts completely wrong.

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Annapolis Grey is a ready mixed exterior color. They don't even make ready mixed colors anymore. These were the colors you could just go and buy off the shelf already tinted. I suppose at some point a long time ago, these ready mixed colors had numbers too and Annapolis Grey used to be #996. So, knowing that most painters call in their paint orders to the paint store, the painters probably called in an order for some interior paint for your job and told them the color was #996. It's completely rediculous for that paint store to make Annapolis Grey being that it is some old exterior ready mixed color, but I suppose if the color you chose Ashen Tan which is also #996 is from the old interior Benjamin Moore fandeck, this is why the clerk got confused....but still he should have asked. Anyway, this is perfect example of why whenever I call in a paint order I always say the number and the color name both and have the dude repeat it back to me. I think the paint store is to blame on this one, but also the painter...he should check the color before painting the whole job. Usually paint stores will give refunds for the paint only and never the labor. In this case, I bet for sure that is what the paint store will's a mistint really and it's the painters job to not paint the whole project with the mistinted paint.

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Turns out it is the same color! The formulas are exactly the same. Old paint color name with the new name and same formula. Live and learn.

All the swatches actually match. The color has grown on me since it has finally dried. It does go nicely with the cabinets and granite and pulls out a lovely shade of gray from the fireplace.

I'm losing my vision (which is an entirely different story...) and I think my ability to judge colors is slipping.... Good thing we're getting things fixed up now. Mostly glad about the new can lighting which makes seeing much easier.

Thanks for all of your help and support. It's been a rough remodel.


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