Wondering about fat in the diet of house cats

carmen_grower_2007January 2, 2010

I have cats that are indoor/outdoor but one in particular doesn't want to go out into the snow. She is just now a year old and since the weather got cold, she hasn't been at all interested in going out. Our cats are allowed to be inside the guest house at night (or even day) in the winter but our little one is the only one who NEVER wants to go out.

My question is about her coat. The others have heavy shiny coats and this little one seems to have lots of dandruff. I think it is because she has dry skin. It seems that she grooms herself even more than they do, but her coat isn't shiny.

What do you think about spritzing the dry food with olive oil? Would that help the dry skin?

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Take her to the vet and have her checked for "walking dandruff" or Cheyletiellosis. It often shows up clearly in younger animals as dandruff you can see. Adults seem to be able to handle it better but just because you can't see it, it doesn't mean they don't have it. Depending on how many animals you have, it can be expensive to treat. A dog that we shipped out for breeding brought it back to my co-breeder's house and it was well over a thousand bucks to treat everyone at my house and at two other houses (dogs often go visiting between houses). Luckily, the treatment was easy to apply, just expensive. Oh, by the way, you need to treat not only the cats, but also the dogs and in my case, rabbits as well.
(PS. As a responsible breeder, I called the owners of my puppies to let them know of the issue. They all had the puppies checked at the vet and luckily, none of them had them. There was a good chance that my dogs never did pick it up, however, better safe than sorry as it is very difficult to diagnose in adult dogs from what my vet told me. As a follow up to the other thread, are you willing to do the same?)

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There could be a number of reasons why your cat is grooming herself frequently and has a dull coat. Suggesting the addition of olive oil to her diet, without a vet determining the cause of her condition, I don't feel is advisable. Is this the same cat that just had the eye infection? Perhaps it's time she gets a trip in for a check-up on her overall health. This board is awesome for discussions about health issues and homeopathic care but it should never be used as a substitute for veterinarian care.

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Well, for sure it isn't Cheyletiellosis -- The white specks don't 'walk'. I even used a magnifying glass to be sure. I think it is just dry skin and that is why I wondered about adding a little EVOO to her diet.

All of the cats had eye infections, and they all cleared up within a week on their own.

Thanks all for the info and have a great new year.

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carmen, just out of curiosity, I would love to know what you discover. I sorely miss having a cat, since before my three dogs, I was actually a cat person. Please keep us posted as to the diagnosis and solution if you find one.

Good luck!

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You can also try Avoderm food, as a supplement. It helps improve fur condition...
Fish oil can help as well...I add it now and then to wet food

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I have asked the question on several cat forums that have vets answering. Nothing definite on olive oil but all seem to think it is simply dry skin caused by house heat pulling moisture out of the air. Also one mentioned that her 'extra grooming' has nothing to do with the dandruff if she has always done it. (she has ever since we found her.)

One did mention that fish oil was beneficial but I am interested in olive oil because that is what I always have on hand.

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