Plywood vs Particle Board cabinet boxes and offgasing

pseudochefFebruary 22, 2013

I know this question has been asked numerous times but I'll ask it again. We've been given a choice of Sequoia Cabinets (Shiloh's particle board box version) or the regular Shiloh brand with plywood boxes. The Sequoia option would lower our price by $5000 which is significant to us. My husband is concerned about the potential for offgasing with the particle board ones along with durability over the long haul. Both types of cabinets have the ESP certification for low formaldehyde but the requirements are stricter for plywood. Does the small difference in formaldehyde really make that much of a difference health wise since they both have some small amount of formaldehyde. Also, we have the option of getting Cardell cabinets through another contractor and his price on the all plywood box version would be lower than the Shiloh all plywood version. Decisions, decisions...

Does anyone have any good info on this?

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Orange juice has naturally occurring formaldehyde, and beets have so much formaldehyde that if they were a building material, they would be banned in California. Your liver MAKES formaldehyde as part of your normal metabolism - breast milk has formaldehyde in it

Don't worry about it as a consumer.

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I do hate the smell of anything new that's offgassing. Sooo annoying, and makes me dizzy. It's been a month of airing out my new Tempurpedic, stomping on it, finally sleeping on still smells! Doesn't seem to matter what furniture I'm buying, at whatever price tag...everything is STINKY today!

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