High-Build Primer

globe199November 12, 2010

My drywall guy recommended high-build primer for some walls that aren't in 100% great shape. I understand it's a much thicker paint than standard cheapo primer.

Anyone have experience with this? What do I need to be aware of for painting? He said a 3/4-inch nap is good.

Thanks for any help.

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It's "sticky" and can pull itself off the wall. Don't try to do too large an area with each roller-full, and don't try to touch it up or roll back into half-dry areas.

Feather it out nicely and don't stop until you are done.

If you have to stop in the middle of a wall, let it dry completely before you continue.

Don't look back either, because it can look really bad when it's not-quite dry. Let it dry completely before you decide if it needs touch-ups.

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Christopher Nelson Wallcovering and Painting

1/2 inch as all you need,3/4 is too big

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