RIP, Mr. Food

bcskyeNovember 21, 2012

The familiar TV chef who always gave fast and easy recipes for the cooking challenged or someone just wanting something quick passed away. He'd been suffering from pancreatic cancer for the last year. Yes, I watched his spot on our local new station a few times.

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My parents thought Mr. Food (Art Ginsburg) was great entertainment. They watched him on a t.v. station out of Wichita, KS, and mom had a few of his cookbooks. "Oh, it's sooooooooo GOOD!"


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I enjoyed him, whenever I got to see him.
He often had a spot on one of our local
television channels. But, his spots were
syndicated, which mean't that my local
channels did not want to spend the money.
He was big on local produce, and he was
so full of life. I will miss him
Long live Mr. Food. (Amen).

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"Oh, it's sooooooooo GOOD!" This made me smile! :)
I used to watch him when I could. Always liked his spots on TV.

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Oh, that is sad to hear. I always enjoyed him and have several recipes of his that I have made over the years. Yes, rest peacefully, Mr. Food.

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I enjoyed him when I saw him. He was more fun to watch than a lot of those more pretentious chefs on Food Newtwork and Cooking Channel.

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The original "semi-homemade", dare I call him a "chef"? I enoyed his spots. They haven't been on in this area for a long long time. He really showed that simple things can be good. A lot of starting cooks should learn from him, the biggest thing is don't be afraid of the kitchen.

RIP Art.

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