'Article' in The ONION

bbairdJanuary 16, 2010

A little humor, black humor, but...for those of us who can relate...

Here is a link that might be useful: The ONION

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Sorry, I don't find any "humor" whatsoever in that story.

Having a sick cat, we spent over $5000 (probably closer to $8000) including medications etc.

We never ever, after numerous vets, found a diagnosis.

We had no choice but to put our beloved cat down.

10 years later....I fail to find ANY "humor" in your link.

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I find it funny, as I do most of the ONION.

Absurdist satire. Not meant to reflect opinions on beloved cats or their owners. We all love our animals and have lost far too many.

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The cat obviously couldn't sign a DNR release - poor thing. Oh wait, it is the Onion, after all. Still ----

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Some may not be familiar with The Onion, which is an online newspaper with phony news stories, mostly humorous.

We love our pets so much, don't we? I'm not sure why the story is supposed to be funny, but it has truth -- it has been expensive to keep our elderly pets going, but we take care of them because they are part of the family.

One of our cats lived to 22, without as many problems as the cat in the fake story, fortunately.

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I'm sorry about your cat. I'm going through Hell right now with mine.

I can understand it you don't find humor in the article. But, even though it's very dark, I still had to laugh at some of it. Because, sometimes, even the worst has some humor in it and, in bad times, we have to laugh.

That's why I prefaced the post with the caution that it's "dark humor".

Really, I am sorry for your pain. I think that most of us on this forum have been through it with our pets.

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That sounds like my brother's cat, who finally died this summer at the ripe old age of 27...

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Usually I find the ONION somewhat funny, but I just did not find this article amusing.

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