Epoxy Floor Painting in cold weather

charlienyNovember 7, 2007

I just built a garage and the concrete floor is ready for paint. I hope to do it this weekend so I can put my cars and other things inside for the winter. But the temps here on Long Island are now in the 48-54 degree range. The Rustoleum Epoxy Shield paint I'm using requires a minimum air temp of 60 degrees. I've thought about warming up the building with a propane or kerosene forced air space heater, turning off the heater,and then applying the paint. I would love to run the heater to maintain the temp inside, but I'm concerned about the vapors being flammable. Any advice to help me get this painted before winter would be greatly appreciated. Thanks very much.

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Is the concrete new, or was garage built around existing work???
* Normally, new concrete needs to cure for at least a MONTH before a coating is applied.
* You also have prep the surface if the cement is smooth. It HAS to be etched to the texture of 120-grit sandpaper to have its best grip.
* You'll also notice that your cars will need to be outside for a WEEK or so while the coating "hardens-off". In cooler temps, this may be TWO weeks.

(Hey, in Fargo today we're gonna hit 40!)

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Last year I did one half of my garage floor about this time of year. The temps were 40 to 60. It never dried - became a stickey goo ... a mess! I finally removed it and applied it this summer. For the amount of work required, I am disappointed. Hot tires leave marks that are permanent. In my opinion, its just not worth the expense and effort.

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faron79: The concrete was poured it several weeks ago as has cured enough to paint. Also, I've etched it with a muriatic acid solution as per the paint manufacturers directions. So it's ready to paint.

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tommyw brings up a good point. When and if you epoxy your floor, let your vehicles sit outside until the tires cool off before parking as they will permanently etch the finish if pulled in hot.Some mfgr's claim it doesn't happen with their product, but it only takes once for it to etch in and ruin a nice finish.

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tommyw, I may be doing the same thing. How did you remove the original? My epoxy job grabs onto anything and everthing and therefore looks terrible - I attribute it to subquality product from Home Depot.

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what product did you se from HD? My Dad had the better HD rustolium product professionally applied. It seams to be holding up quite nicely. Preparation is the most important part of any job...and usually the one most skimped on! I know they powerwashed his garage floor, put some other sort of chemical down, made him park outside a week before and a week after etc etc. It was not a simple dump a gallon and spread it around process....

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