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brownthumbiaJanuary 23, 2010

I noticed in one of the pet sites they advertised a Dremel brand nail groomer. I was wondering if their speeds are toned down a little or do they have the same power wood workers use? I'm wondering, if it runs too fast would it not warm the quick (uh ) quicker? LOL I have seen some of the other nail trimmers but I also heard the Dremel works much better. Could anyone tell me if they have tried any of these products and how effective they are. I don't like the price of the Dremel if it's gonna give the dogs' feet any problems. Thanks in advance, I appreciate it.

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Linked below is the best site I've found on how to use a dremel on a dog's nails. The key is introducing it to the dog very slowly.

Here is a link that might be useful: clicky

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I use a barrel sander on my dremel to trim my dogs nails. I just use it by moving it around alot, and not staying in one place, that way is does not warm the nail as much.

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I think the big advantage of dremmelling dog nails is that it does make the "quick" become shorter. Otherwise... just make a regular habit of clipping the nail.

The dog will learn that you ARE going to do it. Mine have.

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thanks to all of you for your input. I did invest in a Dremel, although it's a little pricey for me budget. Have used it once and will do it again in a few days. The dogs didn't seem to mind it too much. In fact the one fell asleep when I worked on her. I did not take much off at all because I didn't want to overdo it the first time. Will be very happy if they aren't anymore anxious than they were the first time.
Weed30 I copied the directions from 'clippy' and there was a lot of good info in that. Thanks for the link. I appreciate everyone's help.BT

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I bought a Dremel from my vet to use on my greyhounds as they have such long nails, and i love it. the dogs are good with it, mind you they're greyhounds so they are basically good with whatever you do, it only cost $30.00, has two speeds, very easy to control, and no more worrying about cutting through the quick. I agree with above posting on moving it around as it does heat the nail. I use rechargeables as it really eats through the batteries, one you could plug in would be better. My African Grey parrot is also fine with it.

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I have used a rechargeable dremel with the barrel shaped sanding drum on my MinPins for about 17-18 years now. They are very inexpensive ($25-30) and I love that it leaves the nails smooth with no sharp edges that won't scratch your legs in the summer when you have shorts on.

I even used it for my cat! I believe there is no better way and I trained all my dogs from a young age. They were so anxious to get the treats that I broke up and gave little nibbles of that while I was doing one dog, the others would wait their turn - some even wanted to do it again to get seconds on the treats!

Just give it a try, you might be surprised how a little treats and patience can give you the results you want!


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Just an update on the Dremel--the one dog I have absolutely hated to have her nails clipped and I had to fight with her all the time. Now with the sanding drum she actually goes to sleep on my lap while I shorten her nails!! I know we do have a long way to go because I never got them short enough with the clipper. I was just terrified of clipping too short and cutting the quick so the nails got pretty long. Much too long, but now I am just going to go slow and be persistent and I think with time we'll get them a lot better than they are right now. Again, thanks to everyone. just wanted to keep you posted on how things are going. BTW there are other brands that do the same thing--I am mentioning Dremel because that is the one they had in the pet store. Just check the speed of whatever tool you are thinking about trying and be sure it has 2 speeds. BT

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Get a dremmel from a hardware store with adjustable speed. Don't waste your money on the pet ones. I've tried them and came across problems. The Oster one for example, I barely started to use mine when the adjustable speed stopped working. Now it only works at the highest speed.

The cheaper ones that you see on tv are very weak and don't grind much at all. And are prone to breaking and product failures.

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brown this is worth bumping. I am so glad this worked for you. I am going to assume that the quicks have become shorter too.

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Hi Cindy. Yes they have gone back some but I am still working on it. I am alone so trying to run a house and yard sometimes takes more of my time than I like. But, I keep working on the nails and I am really happy on the results we've gotten so far. Thanks to all for the help and interest in my project. Hope everyone had a happy Memorial Day and a huge 'Thank You' to all that have served in the military to keep us all safe. BT

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Dremel rechargable , big box retailer , buy extra sanding bands.

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