Window treatment to hide an ugly view

mpsmpsMarch 29, 2010

The window over my kitchen sink looks into my garage, of all things. I currently have miniblinds that are always closed, but they're not too good-looking either. Any suggestions on how to cover/mask/camouflage the view?


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Maybe you could put a scenery picture at your window, you know like a fake one, but do put orange lights as they tend to get dull at night, else just put some small potted plants around the window.

Here is a link that might be useful: homepride forum

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I was thinking of a window film, artscapes is the only brand that comes to mind because they sell it at my local Ace. But Home Depot and Lowe's sell it as well. Oh wait, let me look it up...

Here is artscapes.

Gila films is what Home Depot and Lowe's carry. (You have to click the "window film products" tab at gila to see styles.)

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My friend put up an artscape-type of garden scene on the wall over her kitchen sink. It looks great.

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Thanks. I'll try to get over to Home Depot and Lowes today. Every time I look out that window, it reminds me that I need to clean out the garage!

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What about a piece of stained glass art or an old stained glass window, maybe with a light outside?
I've seen some nice-looking and inexpensive ones on our local Craigslist. Or, take a class and make your own.

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I do stained glass and that would be my first choice. You could even do a piece with a light behind it so it glowed when you were doing the dishes.

Google stained glass shops in your area. Drop by and see what ready made pieces they might have.

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Stained glass is a great idea! I might even borrow this for a window I have that looks out over the HVAC units.

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Beside the great ideas already given consider blocking the view from the outside. Can you do some hanging plants outside in front of the window and/or a window box? I don't know your zone so this may not be a practical year round solution although you can get small evergreen plants for a window box. (And there are always plastic flowers that can be used too. LOL)

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I was also going to suggest stained glass. Make the eyesore into a focal point!

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Stained glass might be beautiful, if I can find the right piece.
Dillydally, the outside of the window is the inside of the garage. Given that and my gardening skills, they'd have to be plastic flowers. Unfortunately, hanging anything there would block the door into the house.
Don't you wonder who would design something like this?

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I know a site called "wallpaper for windows" it's window film that comes in a varity of designs and colors including stained glass look. I am considering it for a double plane arched window that that lost its gas seal so it gets condensation and looks ugly but would be very expensive to replace.

Here is a link that might be useful: Stained Glass Window Film

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Oh. LOL. When you said the window looks into the garage I thought you meant from across the yard. I've seen them like that in older neighborhoods where garages were added decades later.

Since you really don't have to worry about blocking sunlight then, I vote for using the window art or using stained glass if the price is right.

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How odd to have such a window. Is there any reason you need to keep it? I wonder whether you could just have it removed and end up with a plain wall that you can accessorize from indoors.

Although I personally would probably relish the opportunity to get some stained glass artwork in there. Not that it will show to best advantage if there is no light in the garage, but it could still look very cool.

But honestly, the cheapest and fastest way? A curtain with nice fabric that you can change out from time to time to give yourself a new vista.


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I've found the perfect stained glass!

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Hang sheers, covering the bottom half of the window only. Use tension rods on the top and bottom and enough sheers(2-3 times the width of the window)so there is a lot of fullness. I need privacy on 3 sides, and have used this treatment, along w/panels or a valance. If your window is small, the sheers alone will be enough. ;o)

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OMG....that Mr. T is scary...LOL

I would try a window art and then dress up the window with open shutters or curtain tie-backs.

Here is a link that might be useful: window art

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This is an option I am surprised so few know about. There is a paint that looks like stained glass. It is translucent and holds a texture. I bought it at our local hobby shop. For our bathroom window, I wanted simple so I used the clear with just a touch of color in the diamonds. But many colors are available, in another project I did, I even swirled 2 colors together. The "lead strips" are sticker-like things they sell with the paints. The best part is that it really gives the feel of stained glass vs a contact paper glued on a flat window. The lead is raised, the glass has texture (from my fingers), and the slight imperfections make it look real.

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Dainaadele, that looks really nice! Very realistic. I am familiar with the paints but I thought you had to do them on the glass before it was installed. I had no idea it would work on an existing window.

There was a Gardenwebber who used this method to make a panel for a window in her foyer. It was very pretty, too. Wish I could find the post.

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My kitchen window overlooks my neighbors window. We put up an arbor with shrubs many years ago and now I look out at something pretty.

Could you add something to the side of the garage to make your view more attractive? Or you could add something between the garage and your window to make the view more pleasant.

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Nah! I live to break rules. I did it right on the window because it was thick enough and I was desperate. I just was careful not to glob it and kept watching over it for drips. The directions also say not to put it on a window that has contact with the outside. -I broke the rules there also. The first winter it did some funny contraction/expansion thing when it was really cold and the bathroom was steamy. I kept thinking I was going to have to scrape it all off and start all over. Before I got the chance, a couple of months went by and it cured perfectly to the window. It has been up for 9 years. Originally the diamonds were blue. When I redid the room, I cut the blue out with a razor, peelied it off like a plastic sticker and put the yellow in. We don't have kids so the cleaning is glass cleaner and wiping the dust off.

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You could choose any view you want by gluing a print or poster on the garage side of the window. It could look quite real if you choose a landscape picture.

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Everybody here is so talented and so generous. Any one of your ideas would look great, but Dainaadele's really speaks to me.
My window is the same size and shape, and I wanted something simple, too.
Is that Gallery Glass paint? Is it hard to do? Do you have any tips?
Thanks to everybody!

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Wow, dainaadele, nice job! I've never seen anything like that. I'll keep watching for info that mpsmps asked for, that's one of those keeper ideas to tuck away for future reference!

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I have the stained glass film that looks really nice .I would like to do a large window that the film will not cover..

I look so forward to dainaadele coming back a give more details ...I to would like to know the brand of paint you used if you can recall.Thx

Great window dainaalele !!!!!!!

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Dainaadele, that is really awesome! I'd love more details on how you did this.

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Wow, I really like that bathroom window! I guess it could be used on a mirror too? I have an old bathroom mirror with no frame from my uncle, I forgot to put in a window over the toilet when I swapped the shower and toilet on the builder's plan. So maybe I can frame the mirror and use that paint to make it look like a stained glass window? I'd hate to have a mirror right across from the shower (think of what it woud reflect!) but we do need more light in the room.

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Wow, to be honest, all I did was read the instructions.

Yes, the paint is the Gallery Glass stuff. With the paint they had these black strips that were peel and stick. I used a razor to get nice neat cuts. I originally tried their black "leading" paint, but to be honest, it did not have the look. Unfortunatly the strips leave you to use mostly straight lines. Maybe a slight curve? The rest is just a matter of using the bottle the squeeze put the paint on the window, then use my finger to spread it out. I just altered with each "pane" from side to side and up and down. Cleaning the edges off when needed. I think i used a small brush to make sure the paint made it completely edge to edge, but then covered the brush marks with my finger.

Probably the biggest thing to remember is it takes time to cure. (Since even normal latex paint on a basic wall supposedly cures for 3 weeks, imagine how long this takes.) I would tell you to put it up and not attempt to clean it other than dust or wipe with a damp rag for a couple of months.

I have done a similar thing on one other area in the house. I made a pedestal for our master bath sink. The fun thing about it it has a color changing led night light inside.

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Do you put the "leading" on before or after the paint?

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Bump - hoping dainaadele sees this.

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Oops! Yes, I did -see the bump I mean. (I thought this thread had died.)
"No" to putting the leading on before the paint.
Thr paint is thick and bumpy when it is done, so the lead lines served to hold the paint within the boundaries. When I got some on top of the lines, I used a small damp rag to wipe it off. (water soluble)

The only other thing I would add is that you should probably experiment with the paints at first to get a feel for their color when they dry. They are much more translucent than I expected the first time around. Glop some on something clear and let it dry for a couple of hours to get a feel for how thick the paint must be for the effect you want.

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mpsmps, how did you sneak into my house to take that photo?

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AAARRGGHHH!!!!! What did I just say?!?!?!?!?


That's what I get for getting on the internet with only a couple of hours of sleep. (I worked the night shift last night.)

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dainaadele thanks for sharing that...never knew about that window paint...very kewl!!!

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I'm moving to a house with this exact problem (window over sink into dark garage). I had thought of having a piece of plywood or artist's canvas cut to the size of the opening,or to hang a mirror or glass shelves in the space, but the Gallery Glass window is BY FAR my favorite idea now. I have used the window film in the past, and it is o.k., but looks very flat and 2-dimensional. Can't wait to try this idea!

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